2020-2021 Season

Not sure how others feel but as a STH, I’m totally fine w/ a no/low fan expectation. That they could have a pre-X-mas start, a 70ish game season, and back on schedule to allow players freed up for the Olympics seems like a huge win if they can pull it off.

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Hopefully they allow STHs to attend games. That would be roughly 4,000-6,000 people in attendance. BUT knowing how a state like NC has been that won’t happen for the QC.

Would love to see Christmas day

Would love to see the Charlotte Hornets play again :smile:

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Reading the most recent Athletic article on this, that seems unlikely.

With basketball being an indoor sport, it may not even be able to have the few fans that the NFL, MLS and MLB have let into some stadiums.

The basic thrust of the article lays out a 72 game season starting in Dec 22. Eliminates All Star week. Suggests limiting or eliminating non conference games. E.g. potential 8 divisional games, 4 conference games to get to 72… or alternatively; 8 divisional, 3 conference and 10 total non-confs. End the season by end of April and crown a champ by June 26.

This would keep the draft at Nov 18, open Free Agency on the 23rd with a 10-day window. Training camps open in early December and no preseason games. Ephasis on the plural.

Hollinger goes on talk about the disadvantaged and advantaged. This will all benefit teams with continuity of staff and personnel so we get a check box ticked there. But the Delete 8 and Heat/Lakers will be disadvantaged because of rust for the former, and effects of the grind without a break for the latter. Considering the Heat would be one of our potential 8 games, that to could slightly benefit us.

Other bits, Raptors would be US based for most or all of the season and don’t expect anyone to wait around for Christian Wood or Fred Van Fleet to ponder their Free Agency.

Nothing is set in stone and the NBAPA must vote on any such measures but Hollinger feels this is all reasonable and likely.

From https://theathletic.com/2158420/2020/10/24/nba-schedule-the-nbas-december-restart-why-do-it-how-it-might-work-who-benefits-and-more?source=user-shared-article

Yeah Ziggy at this point they may want to look into temporary outdoor venues, but it is so tough to play basketball outdoors for pros. They would have to create some sort of a wind buffer and then at that point is it even cost effective?

I’m sure they are thinking about every possible way to have fans attend. There’s no doubt that fans change the game just by what we saw in the bubble.

I don’t think outdoor games are possible in most NBA cities it’ll be 40 degrees every night from
December to March.

I hope this works out but it’ll make it very challenging for whoever we draft to basically have to go from being drafted to playing 20-30mpg in a few weeks

No way they are playing outside to accommodate fans. I think they will take the TV money over 72 games (and that’s part of the hiccup is the regional contracts that are 65-70 games) rather than risk it.

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Judging by Danny Green saying that Lebron doesn’t want to comeback Christmas, I’m guessing it’ll start MLK day.

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As influential as James is, I wouldn’t count on him, or the Lakers alone to move this. The financial hit of either missing Xmas play or not hitting 70 games is massive.

I have surpassed my fatigue limit with lebron


Anyone know if this is about his Netflix movie cameo or basketball related?

You know what’d really help Charlotte rebuild, if they were willing to spend (yes, I know, big if)? A COVID amnesty clause. Let them clear Batum from the books and they’d have the room to do some interesting things in a couple different directions.

Apparently the players want mid Jan, but the league says that will cost them 1billion dollars


Dec. 22 baby. Hornets basketball returns.

…and Hulu Live has cut off Fox Sports affiliates…nice.

Wooo! I’m Ready for the pain!

Does this mean you can get Hulu live and cut cable but still get basketball?

Yes, but they haven’t renewed contracts with regional Sinclair affiliate networks such as Fox Sports SouthEast or Fox Sports Carolinas amongst many others nationwide. The networks dropped just recently.

We like Hulu (they seem to have the best cloud DVR) but I’m not sure what I’ll do to watch the Hornets or Hurricanes next season. I’ll need to figure out something.