76ers vs Hornets

Embiid going for 50, atleast the panthers won

Lol at PJ wanting 20m per season.

Terry & Oubre 7 straight game 20/20
4th been rough again
17-40 get turn to 18-48 quick
See all our post guys
make shots rub our faces all in it

Kai Jones needs more minutes, he’s been the only exciting thing about this team lately

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Bryce has been fun to watch as well.


Bryce is on a two way contract right now. I don’t know the rules on those contracts, but can we lock him up now for multiple years? Cause it looks to me he’s worthy of a real NBA contract.

The Panthers are gonna mess around and make the playoffs…with Darnold, and after getting rid of CMC.

Time to give Wilks the full job.


100% in favor of that

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I like Wilks all so wouldn’t mind him getting a contract.