GM Search Begins - 2024

I know I’m getting ahead of things, but what do you guys think the likelihood of firing Clifford during the All Star break is now? We know it’s inevitable, a new GM usually wants his guy as coach. Plus, I’m just tired of Clifford.

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Isn’t it customary to let the new GM handle that rather than do it in an absence of one?

I was thinking it was possible, but Saturday with the new guys might buy him the rest of the season. Especially if they play well tonight and Wednesday.

If things go sideways tonight and Wednesday though, it’s possible. But my gut tells me he won’t be because they know the roster sucked most of the season.

Think it would be so weird to remove him the week that Mitch steps out unless they have the team knocking on the walls yelling for it (which in no way would I ever expect, I do think he has their general respect). I mean, who would even be the face of the termination? My guess now is that he’s here the rest of the season. The removal of Rich Cho was this time of year and Clifford still had the end of that year (or was it another year after too?).

I am assuming the new GM is all but agreed, and he’ll have an HC at least in mind, if not already arranged too. In that scenario, get them both here ASAP. If they’re who Schnotkin have identified, get them in now, if contractually possible, and let them get their feet wet.

There’s no substitute to actually being here, working with the players, seeing first hand where the infrastructure and staffing is lacking. Get a good evaluation of the roster, build relationships prior to the off season.

If the who is known, and they’re available, get it done now.

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I have questions about the right guy being available right now, though will admit I don’t pay attention to coaches all of that much. There’s certainly something to be said for making a move now if you know who the person is.

I’m thinking along the lines of cltblkhscoach, especially since MK suggested that injuries are derailed the season more than anything. If the ownership shares any of that thinking, then I’m guessing they’re fine with Clifford being here the rest of the season. Y’all make think I’m crazy, but I wouldn’t even be surprised if he shows success with the new guys-- “See what I can do with real NBA players”-- they even consider extending him if they can’t find an obviously better talent. Unlikely, yes, but I wouldn’t rule it out.


@dnbman I’m telling you, it’s more of a possibility than most believe. Cliff’s team option isn’t very expensive I’m sure and we aren’t going to be contending next year.

As bad as he’s been, we have seen and could do worse lol. Mike Dunlap and Sam Vincent say hello



I legit LOLed.



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Yeah all this talk of retaining the big red dog is scary as hell.

I agree it’ll most likely fall to the new gm but I still contend he does more harm than good and I’d prefer he exit during the ASB.

I can guarantee you that Cliff is fired within 1 week of the end of the season at the latest. Could see us putting him in advisory role as well but we will see.

I wouldn’t hate that if he was up for it. Given his heart, age and honestly overall look; it might be the best move for him

I worry about him health wise. I don’t think he looked good in Orlando. He doesn’t look demonstrably worse these days but he hasn’t looked good/healthy since he went out on medical leave imo. I would genuinely like him retained in a front office role. I just don’t think he’s creative or flexible enough to be our head coach.


I agree with you and @cltblkhscoach. If the HC of choice for the new GM and Schnotkin isn’t available now, keep Cliff on and see what he does with a viable roster for the remainder of the season. The same is true for the off season. If the right guy isn’t available, but will be next year, I’d be ok extending Cliff for one more year.

The big proviso for me being what is Cliff being told. I get the feeling Mitch let him decide who was in his rotation and who wasn’t. I would hope Schnotkin, to an extent, and the new GM, specifically, will take the lead and work with Cliff to ensure they all agree who’s in the rotation, who’s playing for the Swarm and who’s riding the bench, waiting to be traded in the off-season. Communication is key, at all levels in the franchise.

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Agree on all points.

I just wouldn’t press the eject button on Cliff until we have the right, long term HC signed up (not just a handshake deal!). The worst case scenario being one more year of Cliff, though I think that unlikely.

Final point. This franchise has surely become more attractive to players, coaches and front office staff alike, based purely on what has been accomplished with the three deadline trades. There’s a clear direction, some very good young talent, some good young talent, a coupe of decent bench vets and zero bad contracts (as I type that I think of LaMelo’s and his injuries … yelp). We now have a functional roster … who would have thought that was possible one month ago?

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Coach Bud should be a top target. Championship winning coach, high pedigree mentor, knows how to lead teams with stars or ensemble casts to great offenses and defenses, and deep playoff runs.

I doubt he’d want to take over a team this year, normally coaches don’t want to add any blemishes to their record with a struggling team, they like to get their hands and imprints on the roster from training camp and let their record be a true reflection of their system.

But to keep another team from swooping in like the Hawks with Snyder, I would engage him immediately, have an offer out. Not sure if it’s possible, but if we can have him agree to be a coach starting next year, while letting Cliff finish out the year, at least we’ll get our guy.

Stotts is also known for his offensive mind, we definitely have some pieces that could excel in the modern era.

Don’t know too many of the up and comers, if someone like Will Hardy is available, definitely explore that.

The giant is so well rested now


Yes! Great find coach! I’ve mentioned a couple times. I’ve had some serious concerns about the hornets medical and training staff. With all the constant injuries, at some point in time, one has to question how the training and medical staff are getting these guys ready for staying healthy. How is the training staff working with our players to get stronger and avoid injuries?

Well based on that alarmingly worded tweet, it sounds like a major problem is a lack of staff and professional infrastructure.


Love it. I think that would be a fantastic option. I hope with the emergence of Miller, (hopefully) a healthy Melo at the end of the year, a Mark Williams return, cap space, new bench players, and an aggressive front office/new ownership-that this will be enough to incentivize a coach like Bud to come to Charlotte.

I think instead of “sleeping”, a more accurate phrase would be “medically induced coma” due to the significant, steady stream of injuries. But it’s weird reading a quote like that as the perception of Charlotte is such a dumpster fire. Apparently, the new owners are already having a positive impact on public perception and as they have made it clear that they are ready to be aggressive. Another interesting quote.

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