Hornets Interested in Russ - Shams

Front Office is Divided on Russ

If we do anything as stupid as parting with any of Graham, PJ, any first round pick from here until 2030, and to a lesser extent; McDaniels, Bridges or this year’s #32 pick, I’ll truly question our collective IQ. I am not a fan of how Russ would fit into anything we’re trying to do but put a dent in the playoffs but if you did move Batum + (one of Cody, Terry, Martin A or Martin B or the 56 pick or future 2nd round picks), then ok. Beyond that, please Lord don’t pull out the gun, take off your shoe and fire Hornets.

From the little I have seen it seem we consider Westbrook to be a „bad contract“ and wouldn’t take him unless we get some draft picks from Houston.
I‘m not sure if the Rockets have any interesting draft picks in the foreseeable future since the Chris Paul trade.

If we gave up anything more than Batum and Rozier it would be just shocking

I’m thinking the interest is coming from MJ. I’m thinking the buckback is coming from Mitch. Just my guess.

That we are being mentioned as a soft ear for this talk with Houston is concerning. I would be in such a better place of we were hearing universally from our FO that while we would entertain helping them financially for young or future assets, we won’t take on contracts without that sweetener and will not surrender our own youth or assets in the form of current or future picks.

Man I am probably higher on Russ than most people on this board, and even I can’t think of a single scenario where this makes sense.

He is one of the most enjoyable players in the league to watch, he is pedal to the medal for 48 minutes every single game. But we actually have a little bit of momentum right now. We have a long way to go before being a contender but we have some promising young talent that has great chemistry with each other.

Bringing in Russ changes all that, and it stunts Devonte’s growth as well. This is why this move doesn’t make sense even if we just bring him in as a salary dump. It’s just not worth it. He is 32, he isn’t going to be the centerpiece of a contending team.

What’s the most concerning, is that if this does happen, it means MJ is still the main man in charge. Can someone please tell him 90% of us fans do not give a single damn about getting swept as the 8 seed? We’d rather try and actually build a team that can win some in the playoffs. He’s 32 and coming off the worst year of his career. And I can’t imagine he wants to spend whatever may be left of his prime here in Charlotte.

No matter which way you slice it, this doesn’t make sense. If this happens and we send ANY first round pick back their way…

Please no. That man is brick city these days

I would normally be in 100% agreement with you potato.

I could 100% be talked into watching Russ every night. His intensity is special. His bad shots and possessions are of stephen jackson proportions. But, he is a leader. This team is so young and needs a leader like him.

If you could get rid of Terry and Batum, I could get behind it. Russ would not only be a good mentor for devonte but he would also absorb a ton of the pressure that devonte was struggling with later in the year. He could play off ball like he did with Terry (which was really effective) and when he penetrates, the defense won’t be able to focus on just him as much perhaps helping him with finishing.

Russ and cody would be a pretty good p&r combo too.

I think russ could really help the direction of the team. Especyif the draft pick is edwards who will absolutely need someone like russ to show him how to be a pro.

Again, for batum + terry + 52, I am in.

Chef, your expectation they’d go 4m over the tax for getting rid of Brodie and have only Terry to show for it. E.g. No way to move assets later realistically to get under the tax. I don’t see that. And that makes no way pick #56 is payable that isn’t taxed.

And your post doesn’t address that we’ve left no room for any free agent and extending those very guys you want him to help along. I don’t see how this is both a play per today and tomorrow in one.

If you don’t see it similar, clue me in.

i was unaware that the money was that bad for them. you are right, they would probably have to figure that part out. on the other hand, that contract (on that team with that payroll) is only going to get worse. it may be the only way to offload it.

as for the hornets, good points. i am already on the train that bridges should probably be moved soon. i am not all that interested in re-upping him. just no room and he hasn’t really shown a ton of improvements where he needed to in order to really round out his effectiveness. i like him, just not that much.

as for devonte, i love love devonte’s contract now. but, i really wouldn’t love it in the 8 figures as of now. i think he needs every chance to really improve to see what his actual worth is and whether he can carry a team as a 2 or 2b type guy. as it is now, i wouldn’t want to extend devonte at say 13 mil per year.

as for economics, something is going to have to give. either the economy and world is going to continue into the covid abyss in which case the cap is going to be at like $65 million and in that case, the owners are going to demand multiple amnesty contract spaces for all of these giant contracts floating around the league. Or, the economy and world recovers and the cap steadily increases over the next 5 years back towards and above the 2019 cap.

in either of those scenarios, russ’s contract isn’t the end of the world in terms of tax. but i do see what you are saying.

Prayers that we’re in the significant pool.

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The why in why we shouldn’t

Isn’t Devonte eligible for an extension as soon as FA starts this offseason? Isn’t is 4/52 or something?

Also, cap flexibility is awesome, but Westbrook is the type of guy you create cap flex to go get. I wouldn’t be upset if we got him while not giving up any picks or young guys (other than Rozier even though I would love to keep Terry the player but taking in that contract would have to coincide with sending out our only real “long term” $.)

If we didn’t go for it I wouldn’t be upset either. But let’s make this clear, Westbrook wouldn’t be a negative thing for team culture. He loves guys who give a damn and play as hard as him (or as close as you can get). He would be an amazing influence on our young guys, and how many players have come to Charlotte and loved it? I can’t remember anyone who deserved playing time wanting out of Charlotte in our tenure for non-basketball reasons, or even basketball reasons for that matter.

So yeah I’m cool if we do it for Batum and Rozier, and I’m cool if we don’t and stick to the longer process. Honestly if we added a big in the draft and he turned out to be a stud, we would probably be close to the 8th seed without Westbrook. I think he would have the impact to elevate to 5th ish in year one. MJ wants to build towards top 4. 34 years old is one of the final years before you can visibly see a decline in athleticism, but Westbrook isn’t just athleticism.

Anyways its not like we would be committing to a guy that is past his prime. Westbrook is still in the middle of his prime.

After much thought heres my analysis,


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I have no problem with that either Chef. He could be a great mentor for Graham and Edwards/Ball or would be a beast playing with our bigs and Wiseman.

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Kupchack wouldn’t specifically address Westbrook, as he can’t because he is currently on another team, but he seemed a bit too obtuse for my liking… I don’t know if it’s playing poker, but he didn’t shoot it down altogether.

Isn’t the rule that of you’re the only one bidding on an object, just wait by the dumpster and put your bidding paddle down?

Would like to take one more shot at expressing my absolute terror of us acquiring Russ. If he’s gathering no real interest in exiting Hou, how much could it cost us if his distance shooting remained 23%, insists on having the ball in his hands, and he wants out of here and we still have the heavy side of the $131m bag?

All super fair points.

I wouldn’t go any higher than something built around batum, terry + 52

Or if there is a more interesting and potentially future salary easier deal if miles is involved