Hornets Interested in Russ - Shams

I believe it is being discussed, but I don’t believe it is being considered by us. When Shams comes out and says deep talks? Different story

Also this would be idiotic for Houston. Cleveland would get the 3rd pick AND an expiring for dumping Love? Not a chance

they will have to pay just as much to dump Love as Hou to dump RW

That sounds dumb, I don’t trust anyone who claims to be an insider unless they have above 50k followers or work for a known paper/company.

He’s spitting out “insider information” on trades involving basically every team in the league every 30 mins

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I agree. Only reason I shared it was because I thought I’ve seen rumors shared from that account before that ended up being accurate. But, that deal just seems stupid… often times, I think a lot of those type of “insider” accounts may have a few sources, but more often than not, they seem to share stuff that favors the bigger market/star players, and small-mid market teams are usually pawns in their fantasy deals.

Yeah, like I said, I only shared it because I thought I’ve seen them hit on stuff before… don’t remember if it was shared here or on another board. That, and that account is followed by Chris Sheridan (who used to be credible).

Yeah this guys twitter bio says “Send tips or rumors to info@wibbets.com

Highly doubt any real NBA insider would be asking for tips in his twitter bio

And his website http://www.basketballrehab.com/

It’s literally just a white page with some text on it about signing up for ESPN+ and other random stuff

He’s not legit at all

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Sounds like to me his source for that BS is in Cleveland lol


We’re not doing that…

Ahh, I feel better now lol.

Zach Lowe on his podcast said that he hasn’t heard any Russ rumor with real traction.

He thinks Charlotte might’ve only had an internal meeting about Russ and not sent any offers. But the most he sees Houston getting would be Batum or Rozier + Zeller


I’m not a huge Russ fan, but, if the team trades for him they are going to want to keep Zeller fit wise.

I’m fine with Batum / Rozier / something for Russ, but can’t say that I’m excited about it.

Where would Russ rank on the list of all time Hornets just off level of player not career?

  1. Alonzo
  2. LJ
  3. Russ?

Gonna go ahead and out this guy on the blocked list… what a fucking tool.

And not that this is anything new, but st least Stein confirms it’s real.

In terms of overall impact, I would have to say that Russ would be #1 on my list BUT I’m sure many of you feel differently

Well, he’s a former MVP and was the first player to average a Triple Double for a season since Big O. That would make him #1 off the jump, no question. But, as I’ve said, I think it’s all downhill from here in terms of production.

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He has just turned 32 few days ago and will be 34 at the end of his contract. He doesn’t have a history of injuries, last year’s was a minor injury. Work ethic is off the charts.

I’m not sure he doesn’t have 3 elite years in front of him (and probably MJ remember his own 30’s as very productive years)

I think it would be really good to grad such a player, especially as it looks it wouldn’t recquired too many assets. Weirdly, I know there’s no rumor about it, but I feel like russ will be in a Heat unifrom. They already tried to grab him last year and if he’s available on the cheap as reported, Mr Riley will be hanging around, he’s never been reluctant to spend money

In my opinion this would be like trading for Iverson in 06

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I would guess Russ is early in his progression on the Carmelo/Dwight inflated worth scale. Sure, he can still do great things, but it doesn’t translate to winning without sacrificing personal stats.

Carmelo and Dwight are much more humble now and are accepting of complimentary roles. Russ may be about 5 years from that point. I don’t know if mentoring young guys is his primary objective right now, when he’s probably still wrapped up in his legacy building. But if we can get him and keep #3, Devonte, PJ, Miles/Monk, it might be worth seeing if he has a Jimmy Butler like effect on a new team of young guys.

Would definitely need a premium on deep shooters, rebounders, and strong finishers. But he might be the first Hornet to actually receive favorably calls at the end of games. Always wondered what that would feel like.