Hornets vs Thunder Thread

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Sure hope that cast isn’t dependent on any Facebook services.

I will take what I can get with the feed tonight. Typically these types of streams are just the In Arena feed, which may not even have commentary.

But the Thunder are a pretty good organization so we will see.

Anyone getting league pass this year? They dropped the amount of devices you can use at once to 2 so I am probably not a buyer this year.

Me and Chef used to split it and they have now made that virtually impossible.

The NBA was so forward thinking on streaming and now they aren’t.

There has to be a better way to still make money but encourage viewership

Where’s this free live stream? All I see are pay options.

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Thunder NBA site via a browser or their app.

Man I love seeing Ball taking it all the way to the rack. And Miles meeting the ball at the rack on the other end.

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Even with good antivirus software on my PC I fear using those free sports streaming sites.

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Don’t. But this, the thunder stream, is not that kind.

I still haven’t found it on their site. Just subscription info and a blackout notice.


all the characters.

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Bouk has looked better in the places I didn’t think he would. Not reading much into that but it’s enjoyable

Wow Josh Giddey looks smooth. Oops sorry wrong team.

our finishing at the rim doesn’t seem to be the same issue it was last year #smallSampleSize

Nick Richards still being Nick Richards.

Spoke too soon.

To get out-muscled by Poku is so not good for the relevancy campaign.

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Good first half. Hope to see some Kai and Kulboka in the 2nd half.

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