Hornets vs Thunder Thread

That PJ Washington guy seems okay.

I feel I was on that island all last year. If Miles could have the listless year 2 into the banging year 3, why not PJ is my take.

Lamelo needs to come out now. No sense in taking chances.

Nick Richards is making this easy for the staff if he’s doing anything less that combusting in training camp.

Been multitasking so haven’t paid much attention to Nick, but takes are particularly interesting since Vernon hasn’t played yet.

De-task, JT, Kai and Wes are in. This could be comical or high wire fun.

5 game minutes later and JB realized that was way too experimental to net anything of value

One big takeaway…. We really need to appreciate the home team announcers that we have!

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I’ve got team pass for my son a couple years ago. Can only stream 1 device with it now. NBA should be better than that. We can’t get Hornets on Bally’s, we get the Hawks. Can’t drive 3 1/2 hours to the games either.

Booknight leading soccer 20 points first game .Mitch may of hit big again

I didn’t get to see the game but I was glancing at the box score occasionally. Seems like Bouk got most of his minutes late. Curious how he looked? Nice efficient outing on paper but I guess it was a lot of garbage time?

Bookknight got burn in both half’s . He to me looked better than Monk. He just needs to work on shot selection and defense. This kid could be real good. . Right now i think he’s a solid fixture in the rotation

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I’m pretty well convinced that Bouknight’s going to be good. His floor should be something like long-term offense off the bench, but if he holds up on D you’ve got a starter-level scoring guard.

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You can watch the entire game on YouTube.


In case anyone is interested, here’s the link: FULL GAME COVERAGE: HORNETS vs THUNDER | 2021 Preseason - 10.4.21 - YouTube

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PJ looked significantly improved. He looks a lot more confident in his game. That little euro step layup to the basket was nice.

Yes i not see live and going by box score only too.
Bouk 5 minutes end of 1rst quarter…minimal show in box score…1-2, 3pt play, 1 reb, 1 assist not great but nothing horrible stand out. And Team 16-13 to 34-18 when on court…don’t hero ball or Monk things up, let others lead, can be part of rotation.

Took over at PG with 17 minutes to go, w/ 2 min rest from Cody. Better box than #18 PG Tre Mann, both with rookie ball security issues will need to work on, Bouk 3 ST & 4 TO, Mann 3 ST & 3 TO.

Showing the scoring talent…just not going to get much for others, 1 assist. A SG/wing we will use for PG depth again, but with better guard skills IMO than others…Monk, Cody, Caleb.

As long as PJ exerts near max effort this year, he will breakout as our 6th man type.

Seems early on that he is our Backup center

Yes, avoiding those junior jitters and we should see a very good year from PJ. Not only did improve and among team leaders in hustle plays…most shots contested, floor coverage, frontcourt loose balls recovered, 2nd in deflections to Ball. No sophomore slump for PJ, increased across board for most stats.

And if we play even more at center, not ideal but there is reason not to panic. Last year was +3 for us at center. Our best overall center even with some parts not stronger…2 point makes, rebounding, blocks…but better in steals, assists, 3p makes, 2 pt fg defense, 3 pt fg defense, and most important both more pts scored and fewer pts given up.