Looks like we did quite the number on ourselves with Miles and the Pistons

I feel like it’s pretty clear with him turning himself in that the accusation has grounds. It’s more about the details, which is not to say that assaulting a woman is justifiable.

No. If there is a warrant, you turn yourself in. It is not an admission of anything other than the police have you as a suspect enough to issue a warrant

If it’s not a warrant but a general request you come in, coming in is not an admission of guilt


He fled the scene, guess there was definitely a warrant. Turning yourself in is not an admission of guilt

Yeah I mean for all we know “the scene” could’ve been a woman banging her head into a wall in the presence of miles, he gets the hell outta there and she calls the police. We just don’t know right now.

Hornets short press release. Know what happened, gathering info, no comment at this time. Emotional trigger and not apologize for reaction to this, but can take a take deep breath and look things over. Happened Tuesday, been on the clock, free agency start at 6pm. Innocent til proven in court of law, only 6 hours for Hornets and league to decide Miles future for a court in NBA.

Ahem, Mr. Bogg sir…*taps sign repeatedly

**now pointing to other sign, tapping increasingly louder

I understand you come from a place that has competent ownership and good luck across all sports. Bless you. May I introduce you to Charlotte sports?


I can’t imagine what details would have to be presented that would wipe the stain of this felony from his name.

This is a felony DV crime. This is serious guys.

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Agree Chef. Turning himself in might have been the first good decision he’s made in months.

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Miles bridges pulled a Greg Hardy

I know you probably were referring to the gang lifestyle that real gangsters and wannabe posers pretend to act like. I’m not trying to be too pedantic, but the broad brushing of “hip hop culture” as a negative culture (i.e. glorifying violence, sex and drugs) is kind of a hurtful trope that reinforces stereotypes.

Hip hop culture is bigger than that. It’s a source of pride - the clothes, the dances, the art, the community, music (including spoken word, poetry, introspective rapping and singing), movies. Like a majority of the people in the culture embrace and have pride in hip hop, but don’t condone the violence. Yeah, some of the lyrics can be too graphic, just the same as ganster and horror movies are full of overly graphic killing and violence. It’s part of the art that people consume, not something they want to emulate in real life.

Not trying to come down on you, just wanted to clarify on some things that I come across.


Yea, I can’t see anyone giving him long-term money with this outstanding. Like I said, I could see Charlotte keeping the QO out there while they’re still fact-finding. If Miles signs it you can live with him being told to stay away from the team at $7.5 million for one year and/or eventually being waived if it’s as bad as it may be.


100% agree QC and strongly appreciated.

I ask everyone to read and re-read QC’s post and take it as guidance of this forum.


Agree, but I think he was referring to more of the “clout chasing” sect of hip hop culture that can be incredibly toxic.

He had a family man image prior to May, lol.

He has been definitely chasing clout, and it is a bad look

Oh yeah, I’m giving full benefit of the doubt here. Sometimes we know what people mean, but when it comes out a certain way, then we can always interject in a positive way.

And I’d also add, clout chasing is not necessarily a subset of hip hop culture either, everyone on TikTok and twitter is clout chasing across all different types of “cultures”/generations/posers/trolls. Just the modern times we live in before the apocalypse I guess.


I used to think this but over the years I have moved away from this line of thinking. And I say this as someone who grew up extensively as a hip hop junkie

I only listen to Christian hip hop now. I came to the conclusion that the negative elements you elucidated consumed and devoured almost all of the positive aspects

Hip hop is a far cry from what it used to be man. Now we’ve got these mumble rappers and auto tune bullshit.

I do like this diversion from our own case of the wannabe gansta rapper turned dropped-the-bag-man.

To clarify, I was responding to the overall culture vs. just the music. I’m with you guys, I like the older rap music from the 90’s, 00’s. I do like J. Cole and Kendrick, and there is actually a lot of good stuff out there, you just have to work to find it (pretty much like any other genre). Like check out this guy Lute, he’s actually from Charlotte and on J. Cole’s label, he’s like a Nas style storyteller.

I can’t speak to your lived experiences, because they are valid and are part of your story/evolution. Of course there’s trash elements, its like a cancer that ruins a lot of things, but all the positive aspects may have been devoured if your lens or framework was presented on negativity (And yes, positive stuff often doesn’t make the news or social media, just the hot takes/clickbait/fighting/drama)

I can say that yes, the negative elements have taken over a subset of the music industry, as a lot of these in the street rappers are getting shot and killed all the time. But again, referring to “hip hop culture” is different, its more than the music. It’s a mindset or lifestyle that doesn’t mean the same thing as gangsta rap, or trap, or drill music or whatever.

There’s hip hop on every other commercial that isn’t violent. Fashion, art, books, shows, movies, cookouts, these are just as much a part of the “culture”. I guess from what I can speak on for me personally, the people I know and surround myself with, who are either a part of or love hip hop culture, they as well are also professional, family oriented, and non violent - but let them wear a hoodie downtown at night, or have a nice car or walk in a nice neighborhood, and these negative stereotypes have and will work against them.



QC one smart person

I like Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots.

Just listened to a couple of RTB MB raps on youtube. I don’t get it. Is the point to be offensive? Because it is. Lots and lots of B and N words and not much else. Hard Pass.