NBA Expansion Coming?

I’m guessing Vegas and Seattle are the front runners. Don’t know if any other place could pull ahead unless a super billionaire swooped in with a sweetheart deal in a smaller mid west or mid atlantic city. Kansas City, Louisville/Cincinnati?

But if it is Vegas and Seattle, then Memphis and probably Minnesota would be the candidates to move to the East.

Or, maybe they can ditch the conference thing, just have four 8-team regional divisions. Or maybe 8 4-team mini pods, the other 3 teams in your pod could be played more often than others, breed more contempt by familiarity, maybe help stoke the regional rivalries more.

I wanted to post this list when I saw the topic but I forgot. I am glad you reminded me.

I would love to see Vegas get a team. It would be completely tragic to expand to Mexico. Do you really want to risk your life just to help the NBA get into another market? Expanding to Mexico would be some top level irresponsible crap.

I would really like to see the NBA go north again. I loved watching Shareef Abdur-Rahim and Big Country.

Instead of drafting Kwame Brown, Jordan should have traded for Shareef. The Boss has been making draft blunders for decades.

St. Louis or we riot!