Next Two Years: Team Identity?

As we wait to see the details of the GH signing, what do you see as our identity moving forward? What separates us from teams doing other similar things?

Borrego has mentioned several times the move to positionless, flexible lineups focused on speed. I guess we want to out pace and hustle other teams with a lot of athletic bodies that can switch and swarm teams.

While we have some solid shooting now, it seems like we’re not as interested in back and forth 3point contests and more on disrupting other teams’ flow but still making them pay with outside shooting, especially if we can get guys like Bridges in rhythm.

So, push, push, with Lonzo being as creative possible, but use multiple ball handlers in half court situations.

  • What else do you see?
  • Even though we’re moving to positionless basketball, do you see guys with more specific roles they need to fill? (ex.: Monk being a bail-out scorer if nothing else is opening up.)
  • What is our front court doing with presumably Biyombo and the young guys? (Assuming Zeller is traded.) PJ playing a fair amount of 5?

6’7 lineup across the board

Twins? 6’6 ???

That’s scary fast

Phoenix Suns Esque with decent shooting but a team made up of off ball playmakers and one distributor

Anyways, fast playmakers… and a few shooters… tough defense and guys that can guard 3-5 positions. That’s us

The key to this team is gonna be LaMelo, odds are we won’t get another top 4 pick again because of Hayward. We’ll need to of hit a home run on LaMelo

I’d love to see how a lineup like this works


Y’all are far more optimistic than I am

As in we have no identity or that those lineups will be effective?

Successful, in terms of wins.

I think there is a general plan but I also think they are way short on veteran talent that results in wins. I am not sure the plan is to run a whole team of 6’7". Houston was far more talented and I think it showed as soon as you run into the skilled 6’9" and up players you are immediately exposed in a series. I think they are trying to collect as many sf/of types to find out who sticks as difference makers rather than picking one and trying for 4 years to see if he is a player. I actually like that strategy for a position that doesn’t have a plethora of talented options.

Chef envisions a world where

Lavar is on First Take every three weeks with Lavar shouting “Borrego sucks and that LaMelo should be getting the ball 100 times a game. SIGN THE THREE BALL BOYS MJ YOULL WIN A TITLE.”

LaMelo is scoring 15 ppg but shooting 31% and turning the ball over 6 times a game.

Hundreds of fifteen year old Ball brothers fans join Hornets Planet hyping up anything LaMelo does

Devonte never gets a shot because of Rozier and LaMelo

PJ gets used as a standard stretch big

Gordon has a injury that takes him out for all 4 years and we still have to pay him


Sounds about right for us

Not quite that bad, but it seems the consensus on here is way over valuing and projecting this teams talent.

There were no 20 ppg scorers last year. There were only 2 above 14 ppg. The east got better not worse. This roster has some interesting things going on but nothing as of now that is super productive.

Just to be clear with identity: I’m not saying we’re going to be successful! :wink:

I’m just wondering what we’re going to play like. What are we going to focus on to try and build a competitive team.

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If Im the Hornets Id want to focus on 3 things

  1. How can we turn LaMelo into somebody who is able to lead a team deep into the playoffs

  2. How high is PJ Washington’s ceiling?

  3. Can we figure out a way to make Gordon Hayward worth 85% of his contract?


I would like to see that coaching conversation with Hayward: “Buddy, we just need you to be 85%, okay?”

I kind of hope we push to be an “always in transition” team, so even when we take the ball out of the net, we’ll try push the ball over the top of the defense as often as possible and force them to run with us or give up layups or open transition 3s. And with defensive stops, either the 85’ outlet pass or just having literally every player on the court bring up the ball (on the quick) when rebounding. I just see us pushing the ball relentlessly.

I am hoping we are better at getting into passing lanes and getting a good number of steals and deflections. Really doubt we are a high block rate team, if anything, I think we’ll be worse than last year if there was room to go down on that stat. But I think we’ll see a higher number of assisted baskets generally and… I don’t think they will all be on Ball. I am betting he’ll lead to as many hockey assists as scored assists.

And if any of this does play out over the next year, you’ll get Karl’s voice on your answering machine (RIP) :wink:

What are our options to re-signing Devonte’ next year? Do we have Bird rights on a 2nd round pick contract after 2 years? I realize that our ship sails on extending Monk this year if we stretch Nic because there won’t be enough under the cap to do so but he will be full Bird rights yes?

Just looking at what happened 4 years ago and all these middling range extensions on other teams, it is exactly why I would be very very open to moving monk and miles. They just aren’t worth their next deal especially on a team that wouldn’t be looking to secure 8 and 9 men on the rotation

Identity on offense: heavy on ball movement and pace with multiple handlers (Ball, Devonte & GH will be key to this and I’d expect at least two of them to be on the floor the vast majority of the time).

Identity on defense: a lot of switching and effort … not a lot else though as I think we’ll struggle here. Not sure who’s going to be blocking shots or rebounding at an above-average rate.

Maybe we should tank for Suggs

Bates* I think you mean