Oaktown Visiting

I have a good feeling here

Need Gordo to keep stepping up as Terry gets back into flow

I’ll say this, good piece of coaching to play Terry more at the 1 instead of ish to get him handling the ball to find his flow. He is almost back

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Let’s goooooooo!

Murder is always there to roll


Sorry guys, The CCS Knights win by 6

6-1 ATS gents

Murder a legendary poster and he didn’t get even get very active until recently

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Funny how 3s are keeping us in the game vs the Warriors

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Hanging tough

Well those were some BS techs on Oubre. What did he even do? Especially on the second one.

So Kelly gets tossed for having the same reaction literally every single NBA player has after they think they were fouled???


It’s baffling man. I don’t even know what he did.

Should be reviewed, unless something was said earlier and he was warned, that was nuts

Agreed. I mean, the first tech was ridiculous. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen two techs in such quick succession

Well they pulled me back in.

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Miles said they hope to see the Warriors again in the finals in the Postgame Interview. Love the confidence but baby steps man lol


Right on Coach! Great win

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Great win. Any one know why Gordon didn’t finish the game?
Did he get hurt or did the coach just not play him in the 4th?

I was wondering the same thing. You’d think he’d at least be in there for free throw shooting. JB can be weird though.

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Meanwhile, Draymond continues to berate the ref after his first tech and gets away with it.

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Loved watching the Hornets step up on D in that 4th quarter!