Offseason Hornets News

Seems every time we get an alternative journalist from RB, they don’t ever last too long.

Can’t be a coincidence anymore

And of course, the other news of MJ dropping $100 Million over the next 10 years for racial equality and justice.

And yes, I realize I linked a Bonnell article, since no one else can report on the Hornets and live to tell about it.

Rod Boone got let go by the athletic, a major loss for Hornets reporting

Dammit! Awful. He was so good.

I am so gutted about the Athletic letting Rod go. He was the best thing to happen for us media-wise in a long time. I truly believe we make the 22, he’s not let go. If that’s the case, that’s two years in a row that we pay a big price for in season performance.

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Somewhat germane to this thread (okay not really) but The Athletic also let the Arkansas beat writer go. Was a tough day as you can imagine. I always tried to at least click on every article they both wrote, fearing this may happen.

Honestly, I think we’re lucky sports sections still exist. For breaking news, they’re largely irrelevant outside of piecing together the parts of the story and adding a narrative, which I do value.

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Seems to be a somewhat difficult time for The Athletic. They cut 46 persons in total.

Wow that sucks. I really enjoyed his writing. Was my favorite at The Athletic for sure.

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Draft lottery can’t come soon enough. Selfishly, I’m hoping someone in the mid-lottery winds up in position to trade down. Boston’s sitting on three firsts and a likely roster crunch, so they’re in prime position to make a two- or three-for-one offer on draft night.