Rest in Peace Coach Littles

Really good article on his legacy.

Really blown away by how extensive his touch was on basketball in the Carolinas.

  • High Point University
  • North Carolina A&T
  • App State
  • Carolina Cougars
  • Charlotte Hornets

I definitely remember him. Thanks for the post. I hadn’t heard.

Found a positive (partial?) article from back in the day. They only give you one free read:

According to the article, original Coach Harter was always negative about Mugsy’s height, but the replacement Littles believed in Muggsy(Allan Bristow built on this with his high paced motion offense). We might need to give Gene Littles some credit for the Muggsy phenomenon as we know it now.

It’s surprising that the players communicated more on defense under Littles. Harter was known as a defensive expert. Maybe they had simply started tuning Harter out at some point.

Littles was more laid back than the intense Harter, and Dell Curry liked the fact he was a former player.