Rest of the Association: 23-24 Season

We need to get lucky in the draft and pick up a kid like this


I am still mad about it, but I like NSJ. Not comparable, but NSJ playing well helps.



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Excellent video

It also makes a great case for drafting the Serbian pg

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Ouch! I almost feel bad for them.

Something i absolutely didn’t expect to read this trade deadline

He would be a big help for us the rest of this yeat

If he’s getting bought out, we’re not a consideration

I thought there might be a chance to sign Biz here. Could use center depth with Williams’ return unknown.

Hope Terry is ok… looked rough

Glad to see him walking off the court. But agreed that didn’t look good.

My God, Wemby was close to a Quadruple-Double. 3:27 remaining, and 27 pts, 10 blks, 14 rebs, 5 ast, 2 stl, 7 to.

Apparently we can thank Kyle Kuzma for the PJ trade to Dallas. Supposedly they were offering two 1sts for Kuzma but he turned down going to Dallas.

Wow, thanks Washington, and thanks Kyle

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Stewart seems to have some self control issues.

Good article

for me it boils down to players wanting to play. They want the all-star nod for personal reasons and financial but they don’t want to actually play the game. There is no incentive you can create except to want to play. Kobe was the end of the last era of basketball when it wasn’t just about business.


Rising stars is incredibly interesting and entertaining

Watched All-Star Saturday night, as tradition for a basketball junkie. I found its better on dvr when you can fast forward through commercials, because they add commercials after every introduction, interview, play.

I like the skills challenge team relay idea, much more interesting. The 3 teams were Team Pacers, #1 picks, and random All-Stars. The #1 picks acted like they could care less, with Anthony Edwards getting the team DQ’d from the 1st round when he missed the 3 point shot component trying to shoot left handed 3s for some reason. Paolo didn’t know the right direction to navigate through the course, even though the floor had a giant arrow showing him where to go.

2nd round passing was actually cool, involved strategy regarding passing, leading to a tiebreaker. Hot spot shooting was fine, not much drama though. Pacers ended up winning the event.

3 point contest was pretty fun, I like the little changes they made with allowing you to pick which rock your money balls go, and I like the added bonus balls from deep. 4 way tie in first round, almost 5. Lillard was my pick, and he repeated.

Steph and Sabrina shootout was cool to see. Sabrina started out hot like when she broke the all time shooting record last year, but slipped up a little bit before Steph edged her out. I think they should keep it going, especially once Caitlin Clark gets in the league.

I normally enjoy the dunk contest, and there were a couple cool dunks, but it was missing…a lot. Mac did have a dunk I never saw before, jumping over someone’s head, grabbing the ball, then letting it go, and grabbing it again before dunking over his head. Should’ve been a 50 all around, but the old guy was hating on something he couldn’t do and gave it a 46, the worst grade of all the dunks?

Jaylen’s were fine, but not finalist worthy. Like at all. Little Toppin had nicer dunks, Jaime’s were too, don’t understand what wearing a hat added to his dunk though. I don’t know, I know all the great dunks have been done before, but nobody was flushing them clean, or with style and pizzazz, not much anticipation or showmanship. It was like hosts following a script on a kids variety show, they hit all the points, but there was no soul behind it.

McClung can fly, but it’s crazy that he’s in the upper echelon of all time being a 2 time contest winner and Aaron Gordon never won one.

The dunk contest is the pro wrestling portion of the all star weekend, and that’s not a new thing.

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Enjoy the 3 point contest, but haven’t liked the dunk contest for years. I know it wouldn’t help all star Saturday night, but I’d prefer they vote the best in game dunks of the season.