Sam Vincent Stories

I’ll give Dunlap this much:

He gave some good interviews. I liked his b-ball vocabulary.

In Larry Brown I trust?





I trust.

What can I say? I’m an optimist!

Surely someone must have the Adam Morrison comic strip that was created on Bobcats Planet. I distinctly remember Eddy Curry was trying to eat someone.

Steve Morrison? Think he still posts on RGM.

I remember this!!!

I haven’t posted in forever, but did at the old Bobcatsplanet. Not sure why this is the one that brings me out of “retirement” - wait, yes I am. Sam Vincent was an legendary experience, never to be forgotten.

I had a season ticket at the time and often listened to the post show on the radio on the way home. I very much remember Sam complaining about people eating too many ham sandwiches, for no real rhyme or reason that I recall.

What I really remember about that was a reporter asked Jason Richardson about the ham sandwiches. Now JRich presented himself calmly and professionally the vast majority of the time and tried to answer the reporter, but you could hear him struggling with the simultaneous thoughts going on in his head - trying to make sure Sam actually said that, what the hell he meant by it, why would he say it in the first place, and trying to not get fined for sharing way too much about how he felt about it. He eventually just said in a very confused tone something along the lines of “We take care of ourselves, I don’t know why coach said that.”

I remember being thoroughly confused that a professional team had their coach effectively force his players to answer questions about ham sandwiches after a game.

One more, now that I think about it. If memory serves, Sam bought a team in South Africa (I believe it was there) for the express purpose of coaching it before coaching in the NBA. Now, you can look at that 2 ways. Positive - Wow, he cares so much about his craft he’ll do anything to gain experience and get where he wants to go. Negative - that man is so bad at this the only way he could get experience was to buy a team and name himself coach.

So yeah, Sam’s tenure was nothing if not memorable.


Wow the memories — the Sam Vincent year was the year I got into basketball, back in the day anyone with a season ticket holder ticket could go into the team store like 90 min before they closed the doors for the game and then go upstairs and watch the practice

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Man, this thread is depressing. We endured a lot over the years.

And to think… none of it would have happened if we had given George his stadium …

We had a great thing going and someday will again!

There’s so much in this thread I might need to do a stand alone article. “Hornets History” has a nice ring to it, maybe something for the depths of the off-season in August.

There’s just so much we went through just with the Bobcats era.

The Honeymoon Years of Hope and Hard Work with Bernie Bickerstaff
The Ham Biscuit Error
The Larry Brown Rollercoaster Adventure Ride to Hell
The Roster Saving Turned Imploding Submersible Paul Silas Era
The Humble Yourself Mike Dunlap Error
The Goldilocks, Not Too Bad, Not Too Good, Steve Clifford Era (Alternatively titled The Drake, Best We Ever Had Era)
The Almost There, Not Quite, Missed it By Thaaaat Much James Borrego Era

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