The Celtics game that’s only on Bally

Every game makes me nervous lately

That seems like a really preventable one. What was he thinking? Hope we don’t take the absence of Kemba and Smart to not stay fully focused.

Quiet in here for us possibly having a winnable game midway through the 4th.

Just can’t get over the hump in this one. Every time we get within 3-5, we let it unravel 4-6 points. Surprised I am saying it but think we could get some quality minutes from Cody Martin in place of Brad down the stretch. Not that Brad is playing poorly, but I like Cody’s defense on ball. BUT, I do like Brad in these 3 guard sets so it’s not a bad thing.

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Well hopefully we don’t have to see much of either of the Martins with Hayward and ball back soon(ish).

Should note that the Caleb Martin minutes were atrocious and only rivaled by the far more atrocious Biz minutes. I cannot understand how the latter got over 30 seconds - he was a dumpster fire in a flooded container on-board a train during a wreck.

This L hurts everywhere - we lose the tie-breaker, we lose ground on getting out of the play-in zone. Argh, we needed to show up tonight - that’s coaches inclusive. The Caleb/Biz minutes are impossible for me to comprehend.

Yeah, this is a very frustrating loss to take

We gotta hope we get guys back next game. Hope for an amazing 2 days of practice

Send some healing magic Lamelo way

I don’t see us even making the play in. Yes we will get fully healthy with some time left but I worry it will not be with enough time to shake off the rust.

Dude, how do you manage to get through the day being so negative and dour? They’re making the play-in - they just lost 2 out of very predictable 4 they had in their last 14 - BOS, MIL, BOS, DEN. They could easily end the season over .500. Have some, even if just a wee bit, of faith my dude.

I am trying. I will be more positive going forward.

Hornets are 4 games ahead of Tor and Chi, the 2 teams tied for 11th. I believe the hornets could go 0-10, and still have a shot at the play in. Tor and Chi would have to go 4-6 to tie. Both have tough games left including 1 against each other. Hornets aren’t going 0-10, they’ll make the play in.

Interesting that there was NO update about our guys today from practice. Maybe they didn’t want to overshadow the panthers on draft day with Lamelo news

I wouldn’t read too much into it. A lot of times it seems like the day after a practice is where they are interested in the player’s reaction/response. Then again, might be they didn’t go more than light work.

I’m hoping we get 10 games out of Ball and Monk, 6 out of Hayward. But I have no reason to have confidence in that. Fortunately aside from DEN, it’s an easy ish schedule.

It is feeling less and less likely that my first game in almost 3 seasons tomorrow will not feature Lamelo…

BTW, have you guys seen the prices the Hornets are charging these days? Insane stuff.

I think the prices will come back down next season after covid, they are pretty crazy right now.

Even Season ticket prices are insane though. I think there’s a chance that there won’t be a price decrease for a long time. Also, I have always been a STH, so didn’t have a need to search individual game tix. I knew the price gouged on those, but WOW. It cost me $135 per ticket to sit above the tunnel in 102 to see the PISTONS.

That was straight from the Hornets. Anways, I guess I spoiled myself for all of those years as a STH