The It Ain't Too Early Prospects Thread

Yep, I hear you and I’m with you coach :100:. That’s why I’ve sold out on Dalton Knecht. He’s strong, 23, and ready to go.

Jaime jaquez was 22 when he was drafted by the heat and I’d say that worked out pretty well for them.

This team does not need a “let’s see what happens for this guy after three years” project at this point in time.


I like knecht, topic, castle/holland and eddy.

Agreed. Rotation ready and good positional size. I’d add the right mentality too. I want another team first winner, to add to Miller.

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Anybody watched any of scrimmages? I’ve watched a little, and they’re tough to watch. The broadcast not the play. The on court activity is 3rd or 4th priority behind the “announcers” telling stories or interviewing someone. They could at least have a graph with who is on the floor.

But you like Risacher? Compare Risacher to Buzelis? I’m not discounting you… genuinely curious. From what I gather those two like Castle/Holland are being compared most.

Lots of info here. Can click on the drop down arrow up top to look at measurements, and shooting pct. stuff. Knecht looked good pretty much all around in this.

this is a really nice site to view and compare combine stuff if it matters what so ever…

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No problem. IMHO, they’re vastly different players.

The hope with Buzelis is he becomes a do it all big Wing or 4 on offence, with the ability to create his own shots, facilitate, catch & shoot etc. Also, that he’ll continue to protect the rim well and provide adequate on-ball D.

Risacher is your archetypal 3&D, off ball player. The only one projected in the top 10. The 3 is in bold, as he has the makings of an elite outside shooter, and the D too, as he’s a high level, very switchable defender. He’s not going to break anyone down off the dribble, or facilitate at a high level, but he will be the primary point-of-attack defender & space the floor very well. Not to mention, he’s thought to be 6’10" ish in height and will shoot over a lot of Wings, especially with his release and arc.

Of the two, Buzelis needs to improve in all aspects to become rotation ready, in my opinion, while Risacher can come in and give good 3&D play on day 1. A PG, SG & SF line-up of LaMelo, Miller & Risacher would be very long, very versatile and very well-balanced. Risacher would take the opponent’s number 1 option, so Miller doesn’t have to, and he can take some point-of-attack duties away from LaMelo, too, so he has the energy (physical and mental) to run the offence. Add in Miles :face_vomiting: & Mark and you have an all drafted starting unit that has a bit of everything. His fit, on this roster, is seamless.

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This is exactly why I don’t even bother talking about Risacher anymore. He’s not going to be there at 6th - no way.

We have Miles and Grant who can get minutes at PF while Matas develops. There are options. Not the greatest but 6th is workable.

I am just hoping that someone picks either Dillingham, Sheppard or Clingan before we pick. The more of those guys to go early the easier the FO’s job gets.

Some interesting Castle quotes on wanting to play PG…

“I feel like my true position is a point guard,” Castle said during the NBA Draft Combine Media Day on Tuesday. “I feel like the past couple of months, I had to sacrifice for the better of our team. It worked out for us, so it’s not anything to harp on or be bitter about.”

Here is what he had to say when asked about how he would fit next to someone like Ja Morant:

“They have a star point guard in Ja Morant. I feel like I can fit on to any kind of team. I feel like my game is pretty flexible. I feel like I can play with any kind of guys in any kind of way. But I also feel like I made that sacrifice in college. Now, we’re talking about my career, and that’s something I take pride in. Now, I really want to play the one. So, that’s just something to think about.”



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That’s a really cool site. Thanks for posting the link.

Only thing that bugs me is you can’t, or at least I can’t, alter the position for comparison. For example, the site has decided Knecht and Holland are SFs, and I can’t compare them against SGs, which makes the percentiles and spider charts a bit redundant for some players.

Hhhmmm … that’s a bit of a concern. I could him playing alongside and backing up LaMelo, so would play second unit PG. I also like him as LaMelo insurance, becasue of his PG ability. Doesn’t sound as though that’s what he’s locking for, though. I guess he can have that chat when he comes in for a workout.

That is my original assertion - have him play PG! I love Melo but, insurance never hurts.

He’s begging San Antonio to draft him and play with Wemby

Could Castle play alongside Melo the way that Terry did? Co PGs with Melo playing off ball a bit?

Yea, I fear Castle goes as early as 2. There are too many PG needy teams ahead of us.

Absolutely! His D would be a great fit between LaMelo & Miller. He can also run the second unit from Point too.

And protect melo’s ankles and fragile body from alot of wear and tear.

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The I still have alot of research I want to do GWMVP Big board

  1. Risacher

  2. Castle

  3. Holland

  4. Knecht

  5. Matas

  6. Sheppard

Risacher and Castle my two clear favorites, 3-6 I all like but am not super bullish on


Can Holland shoot?