The It Ain't Too Early Prospects Thread

But at least we found him first lol

It probably had more to do with the environment he went to.

He was the only one that actually show3d offensive upside we just didn’t wait long enough for his development but Heat environment definitely didn’t hurt

Cody Williams does seem to be rising up draft boards quickly and is settling into his game very well. Certainly an intriguing prospect.

Dalton Knecht. Since this video, he’s had four 30+ point games and a 28 point game in SEC play. Pure scoring wing with a lethal jumper. A capable defender, but not great. An okay ball handler/passer. He’s 6’6 220 and a pretty darn good athlete.

But we need a pure shooter/scorer so bad. A Klay Thompson type to pair with Melo. I’m very set on Knecht being that guy. He’s being mocked around 5 or 6 in the lottery.

Melo/Knecht/Miller/Miles/Mark is pretty fucking good. Lots of outside shooting there.

If anything the last two games have shown is that you can always use good shooting. It’s spaces the floor for the talent you already have

I know myself and I’m 100% guilty of getting tunnel vision on particular players. And now my tunnel vision has shifted to Dalton Knecht. I watched him play against UNC this year and he stood out to me. He gave that “WHOA” factor.

Given that we have two competent PGs now on the bench (Mann and Micic), I feel comfortable with drafting a pure scorer/shooter to slot into that SG spot. Opposed to a Terry rozier type combo guard. I also trust brandon Miller a lot. But it’s nice knowing that if we need an extra ball handler, we can just bring in Mann or Micic.

Let’s just hope we don’t play ourselves into the 10th pick

I’m going to get myself in trouble and say that I see definite shades of Klay Thompson’s game in Knecht. I mean, shit, they’re both 6’6 too.

Does anyone else see this?? It can’t be just me. You see him play and immediately have to think “that looks like an NBA player”. He moves well without the ball, is a strong finisher with both hands, has deep range, quick release, has a fairly good handle, very athletic, lanky size at 6’6. Cons: an okay individual defender. May not be a total defensive liability by any means, but is 6’6, good motor, and athletic enough to get by.

Offensively, I think you’ve described him well. And I kind of see where your comp is coming from, especially as a clutch shooter.

Where I disagree is as an athlete. He’s especially lacking in agility and lateral movement. I do think he’ll be a liability with on-ball D in the NBA.

I feel that he’s more athletic than you think. I mean, check out that first dunk. After watching him play, I find him to be plenty athletic.

I do agree that he’s not the best on the defensive end. And that the lateral quickness would be a limiting factor, but having good hops and being 6’6 definitely helps him. Collegiately, he’s a slightly above average defender. Could that be a problem in the nba? Sure. But I think he’s clearly the best shooter and offensively gifted talent in college.

And his shooting footwork is killer. Coming from junior college to a major program like Tennessee is huge sign of development.

Speaking of development, He was playing juco because he was 5’8” is sophomore year of high school and was a guy that had a LATE growth spurt. It wasn’t until early college when he finally grew into his 6’6 frame.

Because of this, he strikes me as a VERY hard worker. Being a shorter guy trying to make it. But again, I get tunnel vision on players and I don’t love this draft so I had to pick someone haha

JJ Redick comparison maybe?

2nd Round Pick: Baylor Scheierman

Bring this man in!

Trade the pick for a strong SG vet. Get a stretch 5 in FA. We win a playoff series with that (healthy) lineup.


But who though? I can’t figure one out .

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New Orleans has to make a decision between Zion [Williamson] and [Brandon] Ingram," an an Eastern Conference executive told Beck. “I think that happens this summer.”

Could you imagine a lineup of Melo, Ingram, Miller, Miles and Williams?
Bench of Mann, Micic’, Curry, Martin, Williams, Richards.


I read that article and I do not foresee most of those players leaving, if any at all.

The most realistic candidates to move is the pairing in Atlanta (young/Murray).

Mitchell in Cleveland was mentioned as well since he has one more year left on his contract. He has a 37m player option for the 2025/26 season. I could see him opt out to sign a larger deal. But at that point he’d be 29, almost 30. Not sure I’d want to be giving Donovan Mitchell $50m when he’s 33 years old. Especially a guard.

The gist of that article was none of these guys are really worth the money they are making and unless it is the key to a championship that year, they have to be offloaded. That is suicide for a franchise like Charlotte


Don’t know if any of those guys are the perfect fit for us or if any is ultimately worth going after (although the though of KAT or Mitchell is certainly enticing) but it does feel good to know that we actually have the assets to be in the mix to trade for a star should one come available.

Also, I love Durant and believe that he’s probably a top 10 all-time talent, but he’s starting to give Harden vibes. No situation ever seems to be good enough for him.

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Harden is flourishing in LA. Definite shades of the good harden. I’m picking the clippers to make it to the finals.