The It Ain't Too Early Prospects Thread

He is a better playmaker/dribbler which is interesting

I am a Boilermaker, but Knecht looks great. Edey is like a cheat code, but it is likely he will be like Boban in the NBA.

Yeah, Edey is dominant in college, but I don’t see him working in the NBA, unless there’s a hidden Embiid in there. Tell me if I’m wrong.

Yeah, Eddy isn’t a top 10 pick. However in this draft, I could see taking him in the first round just because he will get some production as a back up center. And this draft is looking like you may not even be drafting a contract extension guy.

Perfect draft to package the picks for a nice player.

He has some Thompson like skills on offense but one thing about prime Klay was he also was a good defender, Knetch is not.

DraftExpress - Klay Thompson DraftExpress Profile: Stats, Comparisons, and Outlook.

Yep! Been on Knecht for a hot minute now. I’ll be driving that train allll the way to draft night. We need shooters. Fuck it.

Yeah I know everyone, he’s older at 22/23. Jaime jaquez was “old” too and he’s worked out pretty well for the Heat. I do kind of get tired of draft players being dinged because they’re not 18/19 years old. Shit, even 20/21 year olds get called old in draft season.

If we’re picking anywhere from late in the top 10, the likes of Knecht come into play, as there just aren’t the tier splits we’re used to seeing at the top of the draft. You certainly can’t deny how good he is on offence.

This is the draft where I’m hoping for the lottery balls to fall our way and us trade for a couple of late lottery / mid first picks. I’m sure the Thunder will end up with a couple somehow. I do like the value and fit of a Knecht & Filipowski combination for us in that 10-18 range.

I would take the UConn center over filipowski every day. Filipowski is weak sauce

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I don’t see any NBA upside with the Duke center. Weaksauce is entirely how I saw him as well.

I’ve got nothing going on this morning so here is a list of teams with multiple firsts.

If you trade back, at least one pick has to be a guy like Knecht that’s ready to contribute right away. Can’t have two development guys on guaranteed contracts. Too many other projects.


I’m ok for trading the pick into next years draft, obviously depending who is trading with us i don’t want another Duren botched trade

VERY different players. The UConn guy is a bruiser, so would add to the non shooting Centres on our roster. Filipowski is a stretch 5, big 4, with a wide skill set. I like what I’ve seen of him.

Absolutely! I’d maybe roll the dice with a Ron Holland type prospect, if I could also have a near sure-fire day one rotational wing in Knecht.

I have seen a little bit flip not just in this tournament. He has never impressed me. He seems soft and very unable to deal with any sort of physical game. No thanks.

It’s known that Knecht was 6’3" 170 coming out of high school. So it’s silly for folks to reject him due to age.

Larry Bird was a skinny 6’7" coming out of high school. By age 22, he was a 6’9" beast.

Anthony Davis was 6’2" as a high school sophomore.

I love it when guys develop the skills/instincts expecting to play a “shorter position” before they evolve into something else.

Wish I’d had MY late growth spurt. I woulda been a major baller!

I agree but the thing that you have to account for is will he be able to take it to another notch or has he peaked. I am not suggesting he can’t, but that is the “older player” question most of the time

Man you know it! I was 6’0 going into the 8th grade and the high schools were disappointed when I was still 6’0 going into the 10th grade. Let’s just say I didn’t work out haha

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