The Malik Monk thread


Certainly fits with what we’re seeing out there. Keep it up Malik.

Can’t hurt having the likes of GH on the team to show him both how and how hard to work. Not to mention the fact that Ball has lifted the profile and outlook of the team.

I feel like I’ve let the whole Hornetsplanet team down by not having started the Malik Monk Thread myself.

After not playing the first 17 games of the season (outside of 3 times in garbage time), Monk entered the rotation due to injuries to the starting backcourt. Since that time Monk has become one of the top 3 scorers off the bench in the entire NBA.

Malik Monk is averaging 14.4 points on 45.5/47.6/86.4 splits since entering the rotation. That is the third highest scoring average by a bench playing in the entire league, only surpassed by Jordan Clarkson (18.3) and Terrance Ross (15.6).


If we’re all being honest…

you let us down.

Glad to see that dude starting to regularly produce. Happy for him.

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In the post game JB said “I really feel like Malik turned his life around the past year” or something similar.

I feel like you can see the changed mindset from Malik lately

I’m so glad to see this from this young man. Way to go Malik! You rock dude!

As the leader of the Malik monk fan club, I never lost faith. Okay…I lost faith for just a little while…but I hung in there.

I always had faith in his game, but there was something missing. He has found that something and has made a big leap into himself this season.

It couldn’t happen to a cooler dude. He has worked hard, and deserves the recognition he is getting.

SO deadly from 3 and in the paint. He has to be one of the best pound for pound paint scorers in the NBA