The PG Question

I don;t really know. But think that package should net close to a star . Levine might be a good fit but i don’t know that would be enough value to get. him. Other fits might be better.

Well, Graham is playing his way into that lower number. So if thats the value of a backup point guard these days, we could do worse than a 3 year deal for a young guy that can pass/shoot*/not turn it over.

I was gonna say before his falloff that I think the value of a scorer like Lou Will is much higher and harder to get than a steady PG, especially with a bunch of quality guards coming out of college during this era. So Terry should and would get a higher salary.

Now as for trades, I wouldn’t trade Graham just yet. Even though he’s in a slump, he’s proven he can play, and you can never have enough ball handlers on the team. Having gone through Brian Roberts and Pargo and Briante Weber should be example enough of where we don’t want to go back to. Unless Riller proves himself in the G-league/practice, there’s a chance he could be a cheaper backup if we need more cap space.

I know this won’t be popular, but I still reject the idea there is a “core”. It really makes the hayward signing even more eyebrow raising. With that said, this “core” is and will help lamelo mature and develop, but this team should be focused on high picks for the next couple years.

Does your belief that we don’t have a core mean that you feel the talent level is so evenly distributed across the roster that no one group of players stands out from the rest, or is it more that you just don’t feel our 3-4 best players are good enough to be considered a “core”?

I kind of agree with Chef and for me it’s the latter. Had high hopes for PJ but he’s by no means solidified that.

Ball gives me hope tho. I really like what he’s brought so far. His enthusiasm on D really has me hopeful he can become a really core piece.

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The latter. Right now, the hornets have an awesome bench for a championship team. Lamelo and pj are yet to be determined with pj definitely moving into 5th best on a championship team to 8th in the rotation range. Which is to say I am moving away from him not towards him. To me a core is when you can say “these two (or three) are who we can build a championship team around”.

What I am not saying is tank/get rid of any and all non-corr talent. What I am saying is don’t use this “core” to construct yet another 5-8 seed type team at it’s max potential and salary cap

I figured that’s what you probably meant and I mostly agree with that. I think Rozier and Hayward are above average players that are probably just below all-star level. PJ and Miles are solid role guys but will never be stars. Graham and Ball, I don’t think we know yet. So I agree at this time, we definitely don’t have a potential championship caliber core.

The only thing I’d disagree with is whether a championship core is required in order to pursue guys like Hayward. IMO, I don’t think it is. Not to get all Sam Hinkie on everyone, but I do think becoming a good team is a process and there are intermediate steps that can be made. Unless you’re one of those rare teams that gets to draft a generational talent who immediately alters the trajectory, I believe you have to be good before you can be great. So signing guys like Hayward can help build a winning culture in which young players learn how to play the right way and other potential FAs will find appealing. So in that sense, I had no problem with the Hayward signing even though we aren’t “there” yet. My only problem with it is that I think we prioritized the wrong guy.

Based on his play after the trade deadline last year, Christian Wood showed all the makings of an All-NBA caliber player and the stars were aligned for us to get him. We had the cap space very few teams had, and he fit our roster perfectly in terms of need and age. I like GH and he makes us a better team, but Wood is younger, better and much cheaper. That would’ve been the perfect intermediate step towards building a young core that could develop into a contender. I literally cringe every time I read a box score and see that he’s had another 28/12 game.

Guys, we have a bunch of decent role players, two above average players in Terry and Gordon and one future NBA All Star in Mello.

It’s just who we are. PJ, Miles and Graham are not all stars and never will be. Unfortunately, we might need one more year and some more luck in the lottery.

You get a big in the draft who can be a future star… you have something.

You Have to have a big 3. We are not there yet.

Playing both Martins, not searching for a quality big… seems like the hallmarks of a stealth tank.

I think they’re spunky enough for a playoff/play-in game spot, especially if they get confidence.
But chances are more that they’ll be picking in the 6-8 range, and maybe adding one of Miles/PJ to a lottery pick can unearth our 2nd all-star quality “core” piece to go along with Melo, whether by a higher pick or trade.

Then having 2 core pieces with Terry and Gordon, one of PJ or Miles, a stronger Jaden - that starts to look more like a team that is 1 good piece away from being a regular player in the East. But the key (as with Kemba) is to find that 2nd long term core piece.

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100% this.

I’d love to see things play out this way and it should be plan A or B for the organisation.