To Live and Die in LA

Lebron probably waiting to drop 50 for old time’s sake for MJ’s pleasure. Plus will probably want to (playfully) respond to Melo’s innocuous comments to let him know.

Caruso’s cleared to play, so look for him to drop 9 threes.

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With all due respect to 2Pac, a decade prior for the kids around here, there’s a Friedkin film by the title along with a Wang Chung soundtrack. I haven’t watched it in 20 years but I always thought it was frantic for lack of a better term and really well done. And despite the camp/pop of the band, the soundtrack is very well done.

In honor of the movie’s final scene… Ball taps on the refs’ locker room door before the game - as they hustle up to get out before Bron gives them his pregame instructions and says “nah, you working for me now.” :slight_smile:

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Man, I thought I went old school with Pac, but you old schooled the old school. Is that like dropping a draw 4 on a draw 4 in Uno?

Never saw that movie, maybe I’ll check it out some day. I always thought of the Escape from LA movie with Kurt Russell. Maybe that should be the name of the next game thread.

LA is small with Davis out. We need to play a lot of Martin on Bron making him shoot the three and slow the drive and kick or score on the drive. If we can do that we stand a decent chance of a win tonight. We make the rest of the team beat us. Of our starters i have no idea who could slow him Terry i guess is our best bet .

PJ might be good at center tonight with Miles playing Morris just another thought Faster pace might help too.

Let our butt whoopin begin!

Whistles are working on the home team end!

Hoping the challenge here - if successful - helps us win some fans with the refs as this feels one-sided on calls so far.

LOL on me on that. Win the challenge and immediately get drubbed with no call.

Eh, might be working, two trips down, two fouls called. I’ll take it.

Between the turnovers and the poor shooting, I might not have the energy to stay with this tonight.

I just gave up. It sucks that we are getting throttled on NBATV. I was hoping we would at least be competitive tonight.

I just can’t quit this team. Good gracious I am going to be worthless tomorrow.

ahh LaMelo I was feeling it

I know we lost but I’ve loved PJ’s defense on Lebron the past 5 minutes

Lamelo gonna struggle to being rhythm here hope I’m wrong. IF he even plays

Have not enjoyed how JB has been pulling him in and out since Devonte came back

Yeah I guess he’s not going to come in. What a pissoff

We were/are in this damn game

Oh he’s pissed on the bench you can see it

It’s not like Devonte and Terry been doing much on defense either. Both have been the ones getting scored on the past 5 minutes preventing us from coming back in

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Watch Borrego put his ass in now that the game is over

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