TOR in town to face the young guys

This could get ugly before it’s over, but the young guys hung in for a while in the first quarter.

Our deep bench is hanging with their starters.

Bouk looking smooth out there.

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I’m almost getting emotional with how every dude is stepping up right now.

Xavier Sneed, y’all!

Svi, Kai, and Bouk all having good games. and then Xavier pops 3 3’s. Fun

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Of all the Eric Collins lines, “French Revolution” when Teo does a reverse might be the best.

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Didn’t see it live but Bouk stacking good games is a major positive. The Ukraine Train I think has earned a roster spot for next season also.


Watched the first half. Hell this is a lot more fun than when the regulars were playing. Svi, Bouk and Kai stepping up helps that a lot.

Hadn’t watched a game in a while.

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