Toros vs Buzz Boys

Hoping for a big win tonight but I have a bad feeling about this one.

I will try harder to be positive but I hate us playing from behind double digit points.

Our guys just are not playig well.

We really can’t get a call lol.

Also bulls making EVERY shot

Yeah it sucks. I really wish Rozier would get back to playing well. He is really struggling as of late.

It looks like we are going to lose this game tonight. I have seen all I can stand to watch.The injuries really are taking their toll on our team.

3rd quarters not our friend

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Welp…Chicago just has our number this year. Sucks.

I couldn’t continue watching after about halfway through the 3rd. We weren’t getting any calls whatsoever but we did ourselves no favors by going like 2-12 at the FT line and also just playing like general blah. I don’t want to credit being bodies down, this is grit time, they absolutely have to play with more heart than what they showed tonight IMO.

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For the most part what gave us a fair chance at a playoff or play in has been heart. Like you said, that just was not the case tonight.

we cant win against a team with good bigs

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Wouldn’t say we can’t win, but we need a lot of things to go right, like our wings hitting a lot of outside shots and generating a lot of turnovers to easy buckets.