What are you watching 2020?

We’ve had one of these threads in the previous incarnation over the past few years, so lets keep it going.

If anyone misses Mr. Robot, this series scratches that itch better than anything else that I’ve run across.
Your inner nerd will thank you.

We watched all of Picard and Discovery last month (or basically concurrent with the last few weeks of Picard). Really liked them both.

Otherwise enjoyed The Taco Chronicles on Netflix a good bit. I am slogging through Altered Carbon season 2 but I haven’t been able to watch it as consistently.

I am very interested in this if it scratches the same Mr. Robot itch.

Been playing Asphalt 9 on my iPhone; reading The Power of the Dog by Don Winslow and finished binge Brew Brothers on Netflix. Watching Corner Gas and finished Making the Cut on Prime with the wife.

Highly recommend “Blown Away” on Netflix - reality show for glass blowers.

And finished 1st season of the “The Durrells in Corfu” on Prime. Surprisingly well done.

Yeah I need to go outside more.

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Great call Keetch. The wife, son, and I are digging Blown Away.

The chosen

Free if you download the app

Lots of golf
And now Yellowstone

Me and kids: Nat Geo Antarctica series, Malcolm in the Middle

Wife and me: Hamilton

Me: Halt and Catch Fire S3-4 catch up, a few minutes of F1 but fell asleep (Haas starts as disappointing as they wrapped last year)

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Absentia on Amazon Prime Video

Rewatch of 12 Monkeys. Just got the complete series on blu-ray.