CHA vs NYK - the "there's a special vibe in the air today" game

Reminder all, early tip today.

Hopefully we get the big W and the Pacers lose. Easier said than done but who knows the basketball gods might bless us today :joy:

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Really like Cody starting. Very aggressive out of the gate for us which I dig. Just need to finish at the rim.

Let’s get this win! Got a good feeling

Miles back seems to have an immediate energy boost

Playing from behind right now but we already had a couple of good looks from three that simply didn’t go down.

Seems like that’s been the standard the last 5-6 games - never seem to take advantage of moments to get over the hump and we pay for it.

Exactly. We’ve just missed a lot of open shots of late and have been frustratingly clumsy with the ball. Hasn’t felt like we’ve been able to find a good offensive rhythm in a while.

Passing up on open threes to pass up less open threes to dribble drive and try even less open twos while giving up easy threes on the other end is not positive.

Looks like a bit of a confidence thing. One of them get the 3 ball going could be enough to solve this.
By the way what was that foul call on Bridges against Randle all about?!?

Make up call (that I don’t think deserved making up for) where JR complained that Cody hit him the junk on the drive that sent him to the line is my only possible guess.

Yep, the guards have gone cold but they can’t become tentative. We have to take open shots. But right now we can’t make 3s or lay ups.

I feel like we have to pivot to junking it up in the lane when nothing is going down like this - send in a pair of guys to try offensively rebound and keep driving into the lane. Pick up fouls or get put backs or something but got to figure out a way to manufacture points when nothing is falling based on style and grace.

Didn’t see passing up a layup to try for a heavily contested 10’ fall away floater coming but here we are. Got to get determined, got to dig in.

Some perimeter Defense would help as well :frowning:

Honestly feeling Devonte’ might be our best defender and scorer today so far. Would love it anyone would challenge either end.

Well, can’t win if you can’t make shots…

Good to see Miles back in action.

I guess the NBA doesn’t want us as an 8 seed with this bullshit whistle we have been getting for the past couple weeks

Miles you love to see it