CHA vs NYK game 2

Martin Luther King Jr. matinee games are always my favorite. Several fond memories with my eldest at those home games. Hope it’s a good showing at the Garden today.


Cody Martin starting. Also, I agree. This day is similar to Christmas in terms of prestige of games played.

I have never seen where a guy is listed as not out, but not starting with an illness.

Such a great read and reaction by Miles on that tap out play to get it 14-12. That might be one of the headiest plays I have seen in several games. The smarts to tip it up to keep it in the scramble, the controlled second tap to Cody? the immediate spread to give the pass the air to work and the drive to suck up the defense to pass out to Terry on the 3pt line. Damn that was good stuff.

Miles “All Star” Bridges

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Lamelo has made it to the bench

Yeah Bridges carrying us so far

He’s playing like he knows we need 100% of him with Ball out.

End of Q1:
Miles Bridges: 22 points
New York Knicks: 23 points

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Our bench so far has been as disappointing as their bench has excelled.

Damn Bridges is just feasting

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Knicks are up by 6 on him though.

You using points assisted too on that number? :smiley:

Only 2 up on 28 + the two 3pt assisted (know one of them was a 3pt assist, not sure on both)

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Miles for 60!

Non Hornets fans/media taking note

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The defensive effort in the 1st and to start the 3rd is really fun

This is the basketball we’re hoping to seen and is the bounce back necessary after the magic debacle.

While it’s stunning to lose to the league worst magic after winning three in a row over bucks-bucks-sixers, it’s not a complete shock for the hornets to pull off something like that.

This game had uh oh written on it with Ball out, but all star miles stepped up.

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I get that Miles and Terry are glowing hot right now but still odd (and a bit worrying) that we are up by 18 and our bench has been completely non-existent against a very existent bench unit for the Knicks.

Really like what I’m seeing today. Also, the knicks are trash. But you still have to look good and take care of business against bad teams, ahem…Orlando.

Aren’t we playing without ball and Oubre? Hence the usually bench guys sliding over?

My take away is how important Oubre is as a 6th man seeing basically zero bench scoring today.

WOW HOLY SHIT. What a play by miles!! Great effort.

It’s not a critique of them as much as a concern that the engine only has so much gas in the gas tank.

Miles is literally going to damage the floor with the heat he’s putting out.