Hornets @ Knicks

Asking Lamelo to do a lot today. Miller had a great start and went down with a left ankle injury.

Only ones scoring over 4 is Lamelo and Miller. Someone else has to contribute

Good luck. If it isn’t hayward or PJ who can score from the perimeter?

Answer: nobody.

Will need to give Nick Smith some time today I think. But we won’t

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Why can’t we just be healthy man… sheesh

I dont understand not playing NSJ. We desperately need scoring and he’s like the only guy on the bench who can do that

Miller is out for the game. Oh well chalk this one up. Shit

And who can score from outside?

Who can shoot it from three?

And who can play basketball with some skill?
Nobody baby

Defense is embarrassing

PJ Washington can not defend AT ALL on the perimeter it is just dreadful

Was it last game that Melo was 4/8 from three and the rest of the team was 2/22 or something?

Any details on miller’s injury? Fuck man

Ankle sprain landed on someone’s foot

Ankle sprain. Out for the game. Which really means out for the next sixth months by hornets injury math


Leaky black lol

Its about to get really ugly

Leaky Black making an impact, wow

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Wow I stand corrected

Solid stint for Leaky for sure

Here we go Steelers here we go

Oh, misery. Looks like miller was cooking too prior to injury.

Ish has now surpassed Theo in the rotation for good.


Sneaky leaky.

And long live Ish smith.