Hornets vs Raptors

Lot of raptors out tonight

Tough opponent. They match up well against us. We played them twice during their awful start in January and they still beat us twice (although it was close). Ball played meaningful minutes then but now he’s starting and maybe that will be the difference

No Siakam, no Van Vleet, No OG tonight,

Bad news: Boucher is available to murder us.

Still, we should be licking our chops for tonight’s game, they beat us 2 straight earlier in the year and it shouldn’t sit right with our guys.

I would love for us to win but I predict we lose by 10+.

Anyone else going tonight? Excited to be back in the Hive!

I think we are much better than preseason. I think we win this one

Coach i wish keep us informed

Feels like a loss because teams devastated with injuries are like .600 versus the Hornets in recent years but hopefully we can pull it out

As Eric Collins would say “Oh my goodness”

Great ball movement in the first quarter, hopefully keep it going.

Lol. Mello just put himself in the spin cycle

Biz yikes man you suck

Rought quarter for Miles… oh and Biz, but that’s to be expected

Those threes were amazing. There’s some atmosphere in here even with just the 3000

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Can we get a Javale for a second trade plz

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We can’t catch a break with the injuries this year

We are almost up 30, can Carey and Nick should hopefully play the last 12

Our G-Leaguers were horrible tonight against the Raptors’ scrubs. Ugly

We had Jalen running point I’m not too worried

I think Borrego did that just to show us those guys are not ready, damn that was ugly lol


Great win. Our G-League team is really worrisome as a set but would hope they would play better if only one of them is playing with the first and second stringers. We do need to get a better wrangle on how to take what’s in front of you. I get passing out for a 3 but not when you are free for a layup. Just take the layup guys :wink:

But the moment of the night for me was a play at 95 - 70 mark (think it was around 1:35 left in the 3rd quarter) where there were 8-10 passes made from transition into an offensive set and not ONE hornets player ever even looked at whom he was passing and every pass was absolutely spot on. I have never seen a Hornets/Bobcats team that connected in all my time following this team.

Should add, we need a real replacement for Biz. He cannot cut much. I love the guy but he’s just not able to be out there and not take away from the productivity of the guys on the court. The blown 3’ shots, the missed passes, the completely missed passes, the often poor passing is just too much to overcome once the season starts to tighten up. I think this could be one of the most limiting factors for the team today.