Hornets in Miami

Huge game tonight. This would be so huge, beating a top team at this point in the season. I really feel we have to get the 8 seed for a good shot at the playoffs.

Wow it seems like we turn the ball over out of timeouts A LOT

I hate these jerks. I really do

I was hoping that benching Trez would mean giving Kai a shot. Man was I wrong

Kai isn’t ready. We haven’t seen him play enough to know if he’s ready, so we are just going to keep saying that he isn’t ready. I really feel like he would be more “ready” with a few minutes.

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JB just stands there as we get fucked again by the refs? What was that BS goaltend?


And it’s ridiculous that Montrez isn’t paying. Is he hurt or something… Or is JB pulling a JB again?


I know right. I wish he’d get mad and get a tech. Show some fight man!


At worst we should have challenged it

Gotta save the challenge so we can challenge a 2 pointer that was counted as a 3, at the end of the game…

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Bridges came out with a serious “look” this half. Wow

Plumlee showed that fire and justifiably so

This is what 5 on 8 looks like

The rotations this game have been mesmirizing.

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I’d like to see Montrez in the game. He’s a tough player. What you need against Miami.

Synopsis of the season: lack of adjustments

Frustrated by how much we seem dejected and check out when things don’t roll our way.

Well, at least JB beat the Vegas’ odds :upside_down_face:

We are back to the sucky Hornets again. Just in time. JB is such a great coach. Great adjustments.

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I would love to find some damn shooters as undrafted free agents like these jerks