Hornets in Miami

23/42 from 3 and 74 Bench Points. Good lord

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Its not their shooters, its our defense.

When we’re going under screens guarding Streuss, Robinson, and Herro, maybe we’re lucky that’s as bad as it was.

Borrego said in the press conference that he “guesses that their made threes were 90% contested”.

I’m starting to question the game that he is watching. Yeah, they were hot. We left them open A LOT. They were not Kobe in the 81 game hot where they are just scoring over doubleteams (Yes I know the Raps did not double him much that game but you know what I mean).

Infuriating scheming. Heat KNEW where we switch on the perimeter and were jacking shots mid switch that ended up being wide open.

I refuse to believe that we are prepared properly defensively.

Collins told a stat that Heat have allowed 130 less dunks than us this season. That is so telling and shows how much a defensive scheme means to everything.


Yeah… at some point, you can’t just keep saying… “they just made shots”. Teams always have their best 3 point shooting games against us for a reason. And I would love to have one of those sharp shooters on this team. We have guys who can hit them but not a guy like Hirro. The guy is unreal.

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Absolutely right, there’s no luck or chance to it. It’s a very clear pattern.

Coach needs to make better use of what he has at his disposal, the players themselves need to be more engaged (as a whole) and the roster, in addition to needing that Big we’re all wanting, needs to have a better balance to it.

There’s work to be done on all three fronts but it starts with JB & the players currently on our roster.


The disconcerting part of all this is that even if we somehow manage to win two play ins and navigate our way to the playoffs, our reward is four more games of this.

That said this team has got better without adding much of any thing. While the rest of the east has added tons of good players. Rookie picks two deadline pick up players and Oubre is what we added . And are 7 to ten games better than last season . I expect another jump next season. We just got to sign the core players Miles and Martin. With changes to Plumlee , Oubre, Taz and IT money. May be a Hayward trade if we can get lucky.

I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing however. It is a walk before you run type progression and i think Memphis is a great model of what that can look like.

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Oh, I agree it would still be a positive step in our progression. I’m definitely not in the “lottery is better than getting swept in the first round” camp. I just would’ve preferred that either Boston or even Milwaukee would have earned the top spot. I don’t think we win a series against either, but I’d like our chances of at least extending the series a bit more.

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