The Game Against the Bucks

Miles is good at basketball

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We have to make the bunnies, we won’t get those back. And all the Cody Martin slander needs to stop.

Really starting to think that Miles Bridges is a new version of Crash. If his motor continues to grow where he just Dudley Bradley-efforts every single thing, then dayum that will be fun.

We were behind at the end of three so I do not expect us to win this one.

Love the aggression and the fight. Need to get either one of Terry or PJ to go ballistic offensively in the 4th.

Or the more I think about it.

I sure hope we get completely healthy soon.

If we can get that 5th foul on Giannis or one more to knock out Brook, this gets way interesting


I mean… it’s pretty interesting right now.

Brook with 5, Jrue and Giannis with 4 (pending this challenge). I’m interested

Win or lose I love the spirit and fight of our team.

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I came to this game late. Did Vernon Carey Jr play any tonight?

No, started with PJ at the 5, Biz pulled replacement minutes. No Zeller and no Jr.

Thanks. All things considered this was a good game for our guys. I look forward to seeing everybody healthy. I just hope that when we get to that point we can stay that way.

All my attention now turns to my most favorite other team, the OKC Thunder.

My other team is the LA Clippers. They have moslty sucked in their history and have been in the giant shadow of the the Lakers. I would love if they could win a title and for at least one season and become LA’s top team.

Our most favorite OKC Thunder

Our second favorite team in the west, Portland

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I wish Carey could get some minutes. I feel like he should be able to get 5-10 minutes a night. But I’m also not an NBA coach. Who knows, maybe Carey getting 5 minutes would throw off the rotations completely.

Unrelated: The Raptors are positive differential but 10 games under 500. That’s wild.

I think Jrue Holiday got the contract he deserved. That guy is a baller.

My biggest knock against Devonte has been his aversion to venturing into the lane on offense but the last couple he’s been doing it a little more. I thought this was one of his best games.

Devonte was really good (again) last night. Probably could’ve had another double digit assist night as well with a few more finishes. I thought the Observer article from a couple of days ago did a great job of framing the complexity of his situation but also accentuating his value.

Cody M, Miles and PJ also had outstanding nights. A normal night from Terry maybe gets us the W. But he’s carried a heavy pail this year. We’ll grant him an off night every now and then.

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