Late Night vs the Warriors

I’m finally not working night shifts so I’m on the team anti 10 pm games side.

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I’m usually asleep by 9:30, so same

Going to say we match up good with them [Just looking at the rosters] Going to say the good guys win in a close one.

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Warriors by 9


Will be tough to win tonight but these are the ones where we seem to show up…

Think I would be happy with 4 solid quarters. Win or lose. Prefer to win, of course.

Hornets by 5 after1

Good guys down 1 at half … Bridges is a freakin all star.

Appears we hung tough for 3 quarters

From what I wad able to watch, and looking at the box score, I’m surprised Terry was only 2 for 12 and 3 TOs. He must have played very little down the stretch.

Gordon looked like he was able to affect the game more while still only 85% himself. Diff I saw was he was able to get to the line more.

We can get those two back to 95% themselves, we can be really good.

Miles is just amazing.

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What happened in the 3rd?

A 9 minute stretch without a point?

Yeah, the dry spell in the 3rd killed us. And it wasn’t just missed shots. There was a stretch of several possessions where we turned it over and couldn’t even get into our offense. GS was very active in the passing lanes and Payton II was particularly pesky on D. Combination of active hands on their part and poor decision making on ours, but we never recovered from that.

And to make matters worse, PJ left the game with a hyperextended elbow. He looked to be in serious discomfort. Anxious to hear an update on his condition.

4th quarter dejavu of the miami game. We got close in the middle but fizzled in the end. Feels like the sac game is an early “must win” for our guys. Just feels like it.


Ok, I know I am pro-Hornet and wear Hornets-tinted glasses but this doesn’t look incidental to me. I see from the comments that we got a delay of game penalty for this somehow? WTF, can someone explain that was watching?

[Highlight] Otto Porter Jr clamps PJ Washington’s arm and awkwardly pulls it : nba (

As for OPJ generally, I don’t think of him as a dirty player but I can agree with someone down in that r/ thread that he need not be a dirty player for that to be a dirty play.

I agree, it looked like a bit of a dirty play to me too. In hindsight I’m actually a little surprised they didn’t review it as a flagrant. Given that PJ was injured on what appeared to be an intentional and unnecessary act, I thought it was an absurd delay of game call. Dell said during the telecast that it was because we didn’t call timeout once the game was halted, but I’ve definitely seen similar situations where DOG wasn’t called.