The Hornets are Actually Playing Today

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Fun article with Dell in the Athletic today from Anthony Slater talking Steph, Ball, and Wiseman. Reminded me that either his son is going to make Ball look silly on at least one play or Ball is going to do so on Steph in one of these meetings and I’m here for the paternal reaction on either.

Yay no martins! No g league twins tonight!

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No Graham and No Martin’s… :slight_smile:

Uhm where is Curry? The younger

Curry is out

Malik continues to look so nice and smooth out there. Loving it

Ooooh, McDaniels sighting

I’m glad the guy everyone has been hating on all year is torching us

Oubre? Why has everyone been hating on him?

The hate was justified… he was poor to start the year but seems to be stepping it up over the last 10 or so games, just in time to torch us tonight it seems.

PJ is such a disappointment man, just offering nothing, what’s up with him.

Terry delivering the goods. Needed that.

Ball seemed off to me. Not the ankle, even before that. He seems like he’s not checked-in fully yet. Liked Miles aggression coming in but it seemed to waiver a bit over time. And Cody’s was similar. Like both were very jacked initially but petered out. Do like Malik’s game so far. Hoping it’s just rust and need to get hit in the mouth before we fully wake up.

Agreed on Ball, doesn’t seem to be playing with his usual confidence/aggression tonight.

Thoughts on PJ?

We need one or two guys to seriously step up on offense

I don’t know what to think of PJ. Seems like a badass car that ran really well last season and now pops out of gear for no reason at times (and like he doesn’t know why it’s doing it).

I think we were probably amped for a game against Curry, and then when he left, it was kind of like, “what now?” That’s not excuse, but I think that’s just what we’re seeing.

PJ is doing okay tonight: not good and not bad. Think he’s still just struggling to really find himself in the game now.

What’s up with not getting to the line? Didn’t get to the line against the Spurs either

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