We have a fargin game tonight

Cmon people

Where you at?

Hiding until the injury report ticker tape stops running

whos out tonight?

I’ve been through enough pain with ECU and the Panthers losing in a two day span in games they should of won.

Really just need a nice night with no injuries and the young guys look good

Rough but be good to see the youngsters get some run.

Bouknight over/under 20pts, place your bets

Boukie time!

I know it is only preseason but I hope our guys compete tonight. If we lose by less than 20 I will be happy.

So far so good?

Glad to be keeping it close.

Cody Martin and Caleb Martin both started tonight’s game on two different teams.

I’m just putting that out there in case people had complex feelings and needed to discuss them.

14 at the end of the 3rd…

Miles is going to have a hell of a season

This is impressive, considering Miami is playing legit starter minutes tonight, minus Jimmy.

Tough way to lose but glad we didn’t get blown out again.

Bouknight came up real gimpy after that scrum. Holding left leg. Hope he’s ok

Loved the play by all the meaningful players tonight. I am willing to double down on not getting what value Wes has on this team. I don’t think he’s an NBA player. Love the potential of 48 contiguous minutes of Ball or Ish, that’s going to be badass.


We are one good 5 away from being a very good team. As it is though, I’m scary worried about our Centers. No matter how much JB plays Nick, it’s just not gonna work, and clearly he has no intention of giving Carey an equal chance. Probably just as well.

I’m over PJ at center. I hate seeing him play there. Makes my eyes burn.

We have Plumlee who is a solid rebounding backup bruiser at best. After that literally no one. Seriously, it’s a huge problem.


I like PJ’s center minutes. I didn’t like the quick fouls tonight but I like him there, just against backup bigs, not starters.

I don’t know how to read Carey’s lack of play any way but that he’s as underwhelming in practice as he is in his limited minutes. However, I would keep him over Wes easily.

The first 9 look really good and I am fully confident in Cody as a backup wing.

Nice numbers all around for the varsity squad.

Bouknight at the start of this clip, that really doesn’t look pretty. Fingers crossed he’s OK.