Hornets @ Heat Game Thread

Let’s repeat the preseason

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Starting to worry about PJ . Wonder it he’s had a MRI . Knee problems could turn into long term injury’s
McDaniel’s needs to step up again. We need to be playing our best ball tonight to come out with a win and take this team to the next level

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Forgot this was nationally televised

And yeah does anyone know if there was a certain play PJ got injured on? I feel like I never saw him get hurt

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Richards & Jalen give us more great minutes.

Big time Offense-defense matchup, Hornets #1 scoring at 121, Heat #1 Defense and been putting some hurt on opponents, given up 95 Bucks & 93 Nets, Magic 91 & Pacers 90.

Can see Come down to which teams starting short PF imposes will the most…our Miles vs bad guys Tucker.

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Someone mentioned on a recent podcast that it was knee discomfort from before the season began. So no event per se but what he’s been dealing with from the jump.

This is a game I really wish we had him. I think his absence makes this a much tougher challenge.


Happy Friday night men and women of HP. Hope everyone is doing well. Survived another work week.

Question to get us going. What’s your favorite NC beer? I’m a big Catawba White Zombie fan myself.

How 3s can we miss?

PJ said no more

Welp. Not great Bob.

I knew our team would get their butts whooped on national TV. Looks like we will lose by 20+ tonight.


At what point does it become a ‘national tv curse’


Not fun folks

Not sure what’s more painful, watching us get hammered on the boards or watching Mason Plumlee shooting free throws.

Going to watch a Flipping 101 show on HGTV

Gotta love Nationally televised games for us. We’ll never win a playoff game at this rate.

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They’re so tentative. Like they’re intimidated or scared.

Maybe it ain’t over yet :eyes: