Hornets v Wizards: National Hiking Day 2021 Edition

Let’s goooooooooo!

Got a nice feeling about tonight

I have a positive feeling about this match up. I don’t think we’re as bad as 8-7 and I don’t think they are as good as 10-3 but… I do think we have to play at a very high level to win and I do think they are way better compared to Wiz teams of the recent past.

Hopeful we can move to 2 games over .500 tonight

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6-2 ATS

Hornets by 6! Book it


Of course Gafford is going to go off. If it weren’t for Mike Anderson’s incompetence he would’ve been a first round pick.

Do not gag this


That was fun.


Hey Wake

Your boy was +20 tonight.

Guy is getting better and better!

Beat the best team in West and East going away!

This is a real team that coming together.


Martin , Richards need their props . Martin is a true stopper. And Richards showed lots of growth
tonight. He’s not that far behind Plumdog any more .
Gordon you could tell he’s playing hurt

I’m learning not to get too worked up with the team during first halves, and to trust the effort in second halves.

Which is fine. Play to win.

Our core 4 of Hayward, LaMelo, Bridges and Rozier is looking NBA legit. That’s fairly novel for the Horncats. Have we ever had a group this capable since the early Hornets long ago?

And the depth mostly adds, not subtracts.

Saying that the 5 position will just be mostly bad I guess. Gafford and Montrezl looked like Hall of Famers against us as expected. Plumlee hardly tried to defend in the 1st half, but did well in the 2nd. Richards continues to give great effort and has improved his athleticism and coordination on both ends. Still. Man, they just got owned in the first half.

Bridges actually seems to be playing damn well now as a small 5. That lineup is wicked fun to watch.

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That small line up something to watch . And hard for any 5 in the NBA to run with them. We might not be the best team but we are damn fun to watch.
Miles reminds me of a better shooting D Green this year

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Miles is a (“not so poor man’s) Vince Carter

He is a lefty and a little bit of a tip toe runner but he could have a better career before it’s over.

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Wow big shoe’s to fill. If he’s that we looking at multi all stars.Him MELO and right fillers championship.

I don’t know man. I feel like Carter had a much easier time getting a shot off. I feel he was way better and smooth with the ball. I love Bridges though.

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