Final game of the regular season

Big implications

Last day of the season fun, 4 free upstairs front row aisle. PM me if interested.


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Normally depleted lineups concern me a little, but I mean….if we trip over ourselves against this lineup the Wiz are trotting out today, we truly don’t deserve to be in the playoffs.


Bucks are sitting everyone today. Our chances of getting the 7 seed went from remote to pathetically hopeless.

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Need 1 of BKN, CLE, ATL to lose to not be 10 seed. Highly unlikely with Bucks putting basically a g league team on the floor today. But anything can happen. Main thing is to take care of business and play well today. Go Hornets!

Eeesh, wonder if they rushed him back to get some installation laps in before season’s end.

Hope to see us come out strong and end this early

Same… I have a feeling we’ll still be in that 10 spot after today, due to the Bucks resting players. That said, a strong showing should help a lot and i think we’d have a strong chance to win a play in or two. As long as we don’t play Brooklyn, I think we’ll be good. They just scare me for some reason.

Rushed him back? He missed 1/4 season with an ankle sprain.

If anything, he had a setback. But I wouldn’t say we rushed him back.

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Looks like our guys are taking the Wizards lightly… so typical. So sloppy to start

Anyone else in the Winston area on Spectrum getting the Hawks game instead? Not understanding what’s happening here.

Yes, I just got off the phone with Spectrum. They say it has been escalated and will be fixed

Thanks for the update. Obviously concerned with the outcome of that game but would much rather be watching ours.

This getting close to my final straw with Spectrum. Hornets games are the only reason I haven’t dropped them!!

When? It’s messed up in Charlotte too. I loathe Spectrum with a passion at this moment. Bally online appears to work.

They couldn’t give me a time, but he made it sound like it would be fixed quickly…. But, it’s still showing the Hawks. And we play in the frigging Spectrum Center! They also aired the Hawks pregame instead of ours


Thanks! Finally! Signing into Bally with my Spectrum ID. No sound on my iPad, but when I sign in on my desktop I have sound.

Good part of if we end up drawing ATL in the play-in, guarantee we’ll see the game

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They keep wanting Lamelo to pass to Plumlee but screw that, results in a TO half the time, will be blamed on Lamelo 100%