76ers Face off Against the Tank

I feel a up set comming on tonight.

Curious if we see more of the Kai + Nick front court tonight. I do hope so. I’d actually love to see a Kai + PJ front court for 5-8 minutes just to see how that looks but assume that there’s time for that later in the season.

No close loss tonight. More than likely we will get blown out!

I can’t wait till next season!

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Getting blown out by the Embiid less 76ers, gold

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I wish we’d get rid of Plumlee. No reason to not play Richards over him.

I turned the game on late in the 4th. Any reason Dennis Smith isn’t playing more?

1 hour agoSmith is out for the remainder Wednesday’s game versus the 76ers due to a left ankle sprain.

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Glad to see Plumlee back in the game after that run…… Makes no sense to me. Yay

Hate how we are finishing this game. It’s ridiculous how dumb we are.

Ridiculous how good we are winning

Death by

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The coaching move of the game was Doc calling time when we were up 9 with 4:30 left. Good coaching in Doc’s part because Mason was at the scorers’ table for a good minute there waiting to check in. 5-D chess move.

I thought the funny move there would be to send Mason back to the bench a la F1 teams taking the tire warmers off to trick another team to early pit.

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The real two TANK comanders , Clifford and Plumlee.

Richards should be starting and Williams in the rotation. Kai needs to be in the rotation regular he needs the floor time and don’t hurt us. Bouknight was he a dnpcd?

I loathe this team and franchise. Why can’t I quit you!!

Man Plumlee tried his best but we just couldn’t give up that 9 pt lead.
He is our Tank Commander, maybe Cliff was bright in to tank too?

Ah! It just struck me. Such an opportunity for a title we missed - “The Process vs Due Process”