A Little Further North Tonight

Don’t know if y’all saw but thought it was interesting said one of the main issues with the young guys in Gleague is that protocols and proximity make it a lot harder to bring a guy in and then send him back to GLeague and still be productive like they’ve done in recent years. Hence, no Carey/Richards.

I stayed up and watched the Kings game to the end last night but no way I can do a back-to-back on the road. Sorry guys I’m OUT (gassed) too.

Defense shakey again

Maybe in the first 3 minutes. We’ve been pretty stifling since. POR looks like they are struggling to get a shot of in the half court.

Damn, just as I hit submit…

why does it feel like kanter has been dominating this game

We want him in, watch what every player is doing to him when we have the ball.

starting to play a little out of control right now

can we please not get beat by a 60 year old man tonight

Can Jalen please, pretty please, stop the inbound off the floor. Got saved by the time out but did it again there.

It’s my fault I was watching Carmelo Knicks highlights all morning today, I summoned a demon apparently

Mcdaniels and both the Martins in the game all at once… YIKES

And PJ crashing back to Earth tonight…

Tired leggs tired team. Good effort . Short handed

3 points in 30 mins after dropping 42 for PJ…

That isn’t even a violation the way he does it. He technically wouldn’t have established himself out of bounds. It was the wrong call, should have been a redone out of bounds.

But yeah if they call it that way consistently he definitely needs to stop. Bad habit

We fought hard, but hard to win when your starting 4 and 5 have a combined 9 pts and 8 rebounds.

Rest of the guys (even the Martins) played well, of course the Martins can’t pass, but whatever.

We had a great start to the game, then Borrego got stubborn with his promised “minutes management” of Lamelo and took our whole team out of rhythm.

And it took Lamelo a while to get back in rhythm after that, and as a matter of fact wasn’t in rhythm until late 3rd quarter again.

He is an incredible player, but keep him in rhythm coach!

The Martins had more points and more rebounds than Miles , PJ and Biz put together. That’s how bad our big’s was

PJ has been the most confounding player to watch this season. His +- while on the floor was a sensational -21. Despite his 42 point screamer of a night on Sunday in Sacramento, he was still a -5 in the +- category. I hope he strings together some decent games so we can trade him at the deadline for a good return.

Monk on the other hand, was a +20 against the kings and +0 despite the loss in portland.

PJ can’t defend the paint, he gives up so much at the basket that it makes it tough for us to make progress with him on the floor.