Hornets at Tampa Bay, part 1 - 01.14.21

Will be interesting to see us play without Gordo for a game

Interested if we get Monk start a la Clifford with the not wanting to imbalance the bench unit. That wouldn’t be crazy.

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no one of the Martin twins is. smh :rofl:

Well looks like Caleb Martin is starting bc he wants offense… sigh…

Edit: JB just said Monk is playing. Not sure if I believe him. Haha

Monk drills a 3!

Hahaha bench him quick B

They are 11 of 21 from 3 in like 20 minutes

Malik is hoopin! Love to see it

Graham is an expert at taking piss poor shots with a hand straight in his face and turning the ball over easily.


Unleash the Monk. It’s about time. Pregame JB sounded like it was a conditioning issue, but I may have to call BS on him.

Can we not do the Martin thing anymore


Terry is one cold blooded MF lol!

Such sloppy ball. Hard to watch.

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Uh, where are the foul calls?

Well everybody. It’s happened. We have a Malik Monk sighting.

But it’s come at a cost. One of the G league twins has started a professional basketball game for the Charlotte Hornets.

My God that dunk by Miles was nasty!

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We’re playing small so we’re gonna give up more rebounds, that’s how it goes. But ya gotta be disciplined about boxing out, and I see very little boxing out. I see watching the basketball and reacting, little box outs


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In the 4th they just got every offensive rebound they wanted it felt like… ugh.


Could have won that game if we could get a rebound. I think Monk earned minutes tonight, so that’s a plus.