Beat Atlanta boys!

Monk will play!

Need to make a statement and win this game!

Let’s roll

Look good early on…

Biz is terrible

That is all

Hayward was the plan, apparently.

Melo with the nice beginning to a triple double attempt.

Sheesh Graham… what is it with us having players regress so badly? (Bacon, Graham, etc.)

Can we keep this going in the second half? A little defense, a little GH, Melo working on the triple, and ATL turnovers- good stuff. Now we still have Biz being Biz and Devonte slipping back. Will Monk make an appearance?

I don’t think he will go into the Bacon bucket but he is really struggling.

Hopefully we can hang on tonight

If you told me that we would be 3-5 after losing the first two and without Cody amd Graham shooting 20% from floor… I would say “it’s a miracle.”

Gordo, Terry and Ball are beasts and Miles/PJ are playing tough.


This lineup. Jesus no wonder we’re struggling to score.

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I mean… what the heck is Borrego doing?

Martin twins are awful

How is Monk not playing? Plan was for him to get minutes tonight.

Meanwhile… one of the wonder twins misses another open 3 ball


100% coaching

Wtf is he doing?

These lineups are nuts

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We’re panicked.

That stretch with both Martins and Devonte may have permanently sunk our mojo


How does he out the 3 worst shooting guys on the floor together when you have Monk sitting over there?

I mean trade the guy of you won’t play him. We need a center at a minimum


Even if we end up losing ya gotta love the calm Hayward brought as soon as he checked in

Edit ya the monk thing is ridiculous

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lol at rozier.

Helluva shot by devonte.

True Spec

Guy is a player and is fun to watch

Nice game by Ball as well. He is still quite out of control but man, he is going to be a good one.

Love me some Ball no doubt! Haven’t felt so positive about a guy since Kemba.

I can’t believe we’re gonna pull this out!!!

I have no idea why Martin, Martin and McDaniels are in this rotation over Monk. I mean, absolutely no clue

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It started out so well!

Wins a win. I still would really like Mitch to move one of the Martin guys and break up this love affair.

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We could at least get a six pack of beer or a third round pick for one of them

The Martin twins are making it so hard for me to enjoy games. I’m starting to hope we lose the leads when they are in the game, so JB will change things up and give Monk some burn. I’m don’t understand it. Freaking ridiculous