Hornets vs Heat

Malik out there adding $$$ to his next contract.

I dont know if the fast start in this game is due to how well we are playing or how sapped the Heat players are after a tough loss last night. Most likely a little of both.

I fear the Heat players will regroup and make a furious run in the second half. I hope we are up for it. Our hot shooting has to level off.

I had a feeling… this is usually a game where we would get out ass beat… line moved to Miami -3 before tip… I said screw it and threw the house at our boys… cmon lads!

Guys, we have some beasts on this team… and they are yoooooouuuung…just getting started


Good to see PJ come out strong in that first quarter as well

Fun times tonight!

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So far it has been a fun time! Hopefully it stays that way!

Monk 24 points in…13 minutes???

He loves playing against the Heat

Hopefully we can maintain this through the 3rd and get the youngsters some minutes, still hopeful one of richards/vern can force their way into the rotation by season’s end.

Radio announcers act like this game is over more or less. I don’t feel that confident. I have seen too many come from behind games to feel overly confident!

I don’t like the sloppiness in the 2nd half, worrying me that we lost the edge during halftime

Keep em coming Malik

I am with you ziggy. I had a bad feeling we might lose our edge and Miami would play better.

Malik’s defense has improved as much as his decision making. He’s at an entirely different level this year.

It sure would be nice if Gordon could string together a little scoring.

LOL, do you ever read these takes back to yourself before you hit reply?

Is the Heat making a comeback or not?,

Miami is flat after a tough loss last night. Glad we are playing well and I hope we win but to hear the radio announcers this game is in the bag. I myself know better than to get too excited.

How many points is Gordon scoring late in this game? What has his impact been? I realize that he has done more than just score but he should score more than he has.

We need to man up - this has completely unraveled with us trying to soak this one away instead trying to play the same agro game we played in the first half

Why do I feel like we’re about to blow it