Hornets at Bulls

Hope we can somehow win this one. We need it.

Terrible start to the game. Hopefully our guys have it in them to make a comeback. Down 14 with 10:24 left in the third quarter.

The ability to go fully Martinized is actually a curse


At this point it won’t matter if Melo gets to come back and play before the season is over. It appears like it may be too late.

Tough to watch. The Charlotte Hornets thing to do would be to go into the playin as a 10 seed and get to 8th, then get swept by the Nets and get the 15th pick lol.

I am of the opinion that the stutter start we are doing with VCJ is not helping anyone, him, or our rotational rhythm. Make no mistake, that comment is not remotely suggesting that’s even a moderate part of our problems for the last 7-8 games. We desperately need one of Monk, Hayward, or Ball back

Washington back to 2pts this game in only 13 minutes. Did he get hurt again?

I find if really weird we keep starting him and he does nothing for the rest of the game. Just start PJ. I hope Monk is back tomorrow but I doubt it. I feel like Rozier is our only good play maker right now… I’m so over Graham.

I think we are getting Vern ready for Lamelo.