Hornets at Heat game

I’m very curious who JB is going to put in the starting lineup, if Rozier is out. On one hand, Ball should probably start but I love him coming off the bench with Bridges and Monk. Also, once you start Ball there is no going back. Big decision tonight.

Very suprised LaMelo got it

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Same… but I’m stoked about it. But I’m not as excited about the bench now. Im hoping Bridges comes in early, followed by Monk.

He did start the second half so it shouldn’t be too surprising. He was the most deserving of the start

On one hand, he is the better choice over monk to start and monk is still there for the 2nd unit offense. On the other hand, the second unit is going to struggle and he may find out he isn’t ready to be a starter.

I probably would have gone with a martin at 3, hayward and devonte at guards and leave the second unit as is. But I don’t get paid to armchair coach so there’s that

When Cody is our leading score it’s usually not a good sign

If we can plug the HP server into Powell right now, we’ll keep it running for years.

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I hope Monk goes off for 30 tonight.


I believe we would all love to see Monk go straight Dylan tonight.

12 points in 7 minutes ain’t bad.

PJ can’t buy a bucket right now if he tried.

YES. Melo finishing at the rim and going up with it strong.

I have completely unjustified hatred for Duncan Robinson.

He didn’t do anything to me. Just makes 3 pointers all day like a Terminator.

I have an inexplicable loathing for anyone in a Heat uniform probably going back to Zo going there.


I hate these guys more than anyone else in the league. Of course Hornets Law is in order with them making 11 3s and the bylaw of the random nobody going off is in order with something called Struus making 3 3s.

Lol and PJ has missed 7 shots from within the radius of the rim

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Hey. Malik has 6 threes in the first half. Great addition to the roster by the Front Office




I think the hate must run deep in Hornets fandom. I absolutely hate the Heat as well


Got to say, the injection of Ball into the starting lineup doesn’t seem to have nearly the same electric effect of him coming in and lifting up the team. The fouls have multiple negative effects. On a positive note, having this start out of the way, if we need him to do so for the week, I expect he’ll be better.

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