Bucks in town tonight

I have some hope…

Giannis played 40 mins last night and did not get into town until 1AM… let’s get em

Still not listed on Spectrum’s FSSE (60) oddly. Hard to set a DVR that way grrrr

have we won the second game of a back to back this year?

Historically, the Hornets have always been the bane of existence for the Bucks (and Raptors) until Kemba left. On paper, the Bucks would try to blitz us from the start, but would not be surprised we win a hard game we’re not supposed to, like we normally seem to do.

Oh wow this is crazy!

malik monk how do you do


I’m just here to bask in Powel’s glow.

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Unleash the Monk!


I don’t think it’s a coincidence monk’s playing this good just after all-star voting opens…

Late run?

Well it was fun having a big lead

Aside: halftime show has top 10 from yesterday and it seemed like half of them were us.

We’re entertaining.

LaMelo and Miles are both +24 right now

I dislike the refs tonight about as much as I dislike the Lopez brothers


Can’t watch. Read rozier is hurt and will be out a while.

Will miss a couple games

Melo… taking the game over


dude is legit. +37 and looked like it.

Good to see Monk making a great contribution also.

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Biggest thing I liked about LaMelo today was his finishing was good same with last night

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Malik Monk.

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This may have been the final game that we see Lamelo come off the bench for a very long time

I’m actually guessing Borrego might put Malik in the starting line up while Terry is out

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