Bucks game thread

I guess I’ll start this.

I feel like Thor is probably out of the lineup, after playing pretty well. I’m not sure why JB does that.

Good first quarter. Melo playing well.

Ok… Thor is in the game. That’s great to see. We need to pick it up though.

I hate how only stars get whistles in the NBA. A foul is a foul.

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We made sure to sit Lamelo 6 mins minimum to cool him off. Lol

Also why is Plumlee on the court. He has been atrocious tonight

Didn’t take long for that to turn. Sheesh.

OK… let’s just play the rookies the rest of this season. This team is cooked. It’s not like anyone else is doing much. Such a disappointing season, after a strong first half. I feel like this has happened every year.

It has been a trend the past few seasons the only year we really finished strong was Kembas last season and the Devonte team.

Can we hold them under 30 in the 4th?

This game is so disgusting. I can’t see how Gordon can change the situation. Something needs to change.

The big question is, can we make it to the play-in tournament? If Wizards make it over us, we should go for a full restructure.

This team has internal issues. I don’t know if it is Melo , Terry playing time. I feel Bouknight is involved in some problems. Hayward fans deserve a time line . He looked fine to me tonight. Trez starting last game looked like he didn’t care and again tonight.We was much better game one than game 64 . It’s a problem. SOMEWHERE.

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I really feel that most of it falls on coaching. If guys aren’t having fun, that’s on the coach. JB has to be so frustrating to play for. He benched guys for doing no wrong, while he lets others do whatever they want. He always says things like “he’s earned playing time” but then that said player doesn’t see the floor for multiple games. He did the same thing to Monk.

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I agree with this 100%. I think JB removes the fun out of the team, and the team goes into the losing ways. The internal issues should be attributed towards the coaching staff imo. Also, someone should have the keys to the team. I don’t mind if it is Terry, Gordon, Miles, or Melo, as long as it is clear who is the leader. Right now, it feels that team has no leader.

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It does seam we have no true leader. good point