Game 2 vs The Raptors

I don’t see a great response so far. Kind of a playoff setup here, let’s see what they got.

Mason is hot garbage, the guy has no upside.

I think all of us want to see Mason traded at the deadline. He is playing better ball at the deadline we can all hope.


Wait… so mark Williams is about to be out of the rotation again isn’t he?


Is it too much to ask to just put Plumlee as our 3rd center…. Not part of the future what so ever.

Already stopped watching

You didn’t make it to half time?

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I know Melo is not the best defensive player and has had some turnovers tonight. But where would they be without his offense? Nobody else is doing anything.

Doesn’t that remind you of those Kemba teams? It’s what i keep seeing in my mind is that we went from dynamic, offense can come from anywhere under JB, back to 2 dimensional offense.

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Not an NBA history buff but if that went F1, I’d bet we’d have been the only team to ever get a flagrant foul missing a dunk.

I can not believe Lamelo missed that layup. Really no excuse for that. He was wide open….

Plumlee had another real good night15and 16 . The old boy might just pull us a number 1# round draft pick. Cliff sits Williams again .

Back to tied for first in the league again! So we have Boston the next 2 games, safe to say we’ll be 23 games under .500 at 11-34 by the end of the weekend.

Cliff, bless his poor little heart (and I mean that in the most southern meaning possible), he keeps coaching like the team is getting back into play-in contention. Old guys getting high 30s, only one of the freshmen and sophomores to get into the rotation. By the end of the Boston sweep, I expect there to be a very strong understanding that this is a development year, not a competitive year.

The record is unrecoverable. Even if they win 75% of their remaining games (which is not gonna happen, since they can’t even play .500 ball) they would still end up 6-7 games under .500. No need to ride any vets anymore, get the future prospects into playing situations to learn.

No reason Mark shouldn’t get full backup minutes now. Don’t care if Nick didn’t “deserve” to get demoted, if the future is Mark, he’s the priority. It’s either Nick or Plumlee to start, and Plumdog is not gonna be removed by Cliff, or injury, or natural disasters, or the basketball gods.

I do think we’ll trade at least a couple players this year, theres been more chatter and interest in our guys than normal. It should be clear to the front office that moving pieces to actually fit around Melo is the priority for any trade, draft, free agent signing going forward. But holy hell, we don’t need to see any more dead end contract guys get the bulk of the minutes.


100.00% this.

…11-34, just like my rear cassette.


Nah man. With this team it’s pretty easy to tell if they give a damn or not. While they made it close in the 4th, nothing’s going to change until someone has had enough of losing. And backs up the BS they say after each loss.

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Your references are always so specific and esoteric, I always have to keep my google handy to look up what you’re talking about. But its good having to learn about new stuff…

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Except I bet we’ll find a while to blow them out and we’ll get back on the try to win at all cost. Also, if Mason can get a first round pick, we can trade that pick for a few second rounders!

Jeff Rickard who hosts the 10-12 show on WFNZ opened his show this morning blasting the Hornets for 10 minutes. It was refreshing to hear and it reflects a lot like what we have been saying on here.

What was his general thesis? I know the LOH guys hold Mitch largely in their sights for fault, and I can’t blame them for that.

Defensive effort and ability was the main focus