The Paolo Magic game

Looks like the tank could be back on course. (Also go ECU tonight)

As much as I’d like to see Mark and Kai play, without LaMelo I just can’t. Rozier starting at PG next to Oubre and Thor is just too cringe.

I’ll actually be happy when PJ is back. Never thought I’d say that ha.


What a trainwreck offensively sheesh. I don’t think we win 5 more games this year


Damn, Jordan is here tonight? What an ugly game he chose sheesh. Maybe that’s why we look so disjointed

I couldn’t watch, we were… unwatchable

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Despite the loss, it is good to see Jordan engaged again


As most have already said, unwatchable without LaMelo. Kinda surprised he makes that much difference. Hopefully MK will realize that the roster needs to be overhauled.

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Bouknight still can’t get to the bench in the big league… what a waste. The usual Hornet draft pick


If they would play DSJ and Maledon at PG and leave Rozier at the 2 then they’re watchable. I don’t know if Kai is any good, but at least he’s active.

But nah.

Stop starting Thor.


I figure we lose anyway, but gah give us fans something to watch. Come on, guys.

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Yeah I think DSJ and Maledon at PG definitely makes them a lot more watchable in the absence of Melo. They’re better facilitators and it Keeps Terry in his standard role. We’re better with DSJ on the floor. Gotta get him resigned.

But finding the silver lining, it was good for the tank. Important loss. Pretty much locks us into 4.

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Agreed. Why is Thor starting? Kai has shown more. Give him a few starts.

Really? You’re surprised that Melo makes such a big difference?

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Surprised is probably not the correct word. I know Melo makes a big difference, I just thought that professional basketball players could run an offense that wouldn’t be unwatchable. I was proven wrong. I don’t recall it being that bad earlier in the year when he was out. Guess my memory is worse than I thought. Getting old sucks.

We were pretty good for the first 5 games or so without him. Then…. All went downhill from there.

what a start to season…seems like a lifetime ago, 3-3 and lead league in 3p%…team on fire with multiple makers no matter who out there.
Now 2nd worst in NBA 3p%.

If we finish at #5 instead of #4, team finally makes shots with a long overdue hot streak…no matter who’s out there. Easy to avoid, don’t shoot any shots.

Barely professional basketball players…not just in age but in talent. So poor, Plumlee & Jalen end up looking like difference makers. Easily surpased with LaMello becoming a superstar, willing teams to win all the ping pongs be damned with play never seen before in Charlotte…and possibly ever again.
Lamello finish season strong, get showed love and money max even MJ gonna pay.
Now who knows, and gonna be in rehab listen to LaVarr every other day…don’t get hurt again playing in Charlotte & for MJ.