Minty Hornets vs Da Bulls

No game thread for tonight??

I guess this is it. Graham looks back to his normal self but now Ball isn’t playing too well. Seems to be forcing things. We need both of those guys to play well. Zeller fumbled a few passes… hopefully that goes away with time.

I guess Monk is out of the rotation again. :frowning:

We need a big guy so bad.

I’m so sick of Lamelo dishing the ball off in the lane despite having a clear look at the rim. You’re 6’10 kid, go up with it.

We lose by 10 to an inferior team…

And Melo plays 17 mins

He had a bad game but he makes a difference.

Graham being our bail out playmaker is like taking a knife to a gun fight.


Rusty game, pretty much expected it after 5 days off. If the Bulls learn how to play as hard on defense as they do offense they may have something.

Rozier had a slower than normal game and the guys were out of sync. No need to panic but hopefully a good film session irons out some kinks. Working Cody back in too didn’t help things.

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I think it’s my fault, we’re 0-4 when I go over to this one persons house this season

Stop doing whatever you’re doing! But it’s also my fault bc I’ve been pulling for the Bobcats / Hornets for too many years. I’m not sure why I do this to myself year after year.

Need to stop Spectrum Cable and chill.

Messing up our situation.

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Rozier looked off. I’d rather have the ball in Terry’s hands than Graham. I’d also rather see Graham coming off the bench for a scoring punch. Oh, and I want a real Center. And the Martins to go play in Europe so they can flourish on a team that’s not the Hornets. I want a lot of things.

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